This project simulates a nuclear fission reaction. In fission
reaction, free neutrons hits uranium atoms and
every uranium atom generate 2 or 3 neutrons and an unit of
energy, and the uranium atom itself splits into two smaller
atoms, the newly generated neutrons together with the
hitting neutron shall travel and continue to hit more
uranium atoms and the process goes on.  This is the so called
chain reaction. This is a nuclear bomb.

Most nuclear energy is used peacefully and generated in
nuclear power station in a much more controlled manner through
some heavy metal plates such as lead to absorb free neutrons
so as to control the chain reaction.

This program is designed to simulate a nuclear fission 
reaction.  The reactor is built of concrete with adjustable 
control rods to control the speed of the reaction. The process 
of controlling is purely manual by adjusting control rod lenth.

Click the SETUP button to set up the reactor. Click
AUTO-REACTOR button to execute it in automatic control mode, or
click MANU-REACTOR button to execute it in manual control

The REACTOR slider controls the size of the reactor. The
NEUTRON slider controls the umber of neutrons initially
introduced in to the reactor, and the POWER-RATED slider
control the required rated power.

When manu-react is executing, click and hold the mouse will
change the control rod length. This is the way to control

Open the plot window to see the power curve.


Observe the fluctuation of power curve.


Inside the codes, there are controllers, auto-controller and
manu-controller. They are for automatic and manual control
mode respectively.

The manual controller is very simple, the control rod length
is controlled by mouse, that is the lower ends of the
control rods shall align with the mouse y coordinate once
mouse is down and held.

The automatic controller basicially an ON and OFF
controller. It is based on 1) comparison of power
generated and power rated and 2) the power change. The
mechanism is described in the following table,

		  Power > Power Rated	Power < Power Rated

Power Change > 0    Increase Length	  Do Nothing

Power Change < 0    Do nothing  	  Decrease Length

The controller should be fine tuned and the length to
increase and decrease varies. 

* In manual mode

Using the mouse to adjust the control rod length according 
to the information given through the two monitors and the
plot window to get an as flat as possible power curve. The
hight of the curve should be close the a horizontal line
representing the power rated.

* In automatic mode

Fine tune the controller by changing the mechansims to get a
flat power curve with the lease fluctuation.