Peppered Moths

This model is an example of natural selection; it is based on the classic example of the Peppered Moths of Manchester, England. Moths begin in a range of colors between white and black- a moth's camouflage (or lack thereof) determines how well it survives to pass on its color gene. Watch how the moth population changes as the world shifts from white to black, simulating the environmental pollution that occured in Manchester during the Industrial Revolution.

For detailed instructions on using the program, take a look at the info window from the Peppered Moths model.

Download the StarLogoT source code for the Peppered Moths model:
Download moths

To run this file you need StarLogoT2002 for the Macintosh.
(download StarLogoT)

Click on one of the pictures to see a quicktime movie of the model:
This movie shows the moths adapting to a world that grows increasingly darker.