Pedestrian Banding

This model simulates patterns in high density pedestrian crosswalk traffic. Pedestrians begin at opposite sides of the crosswalk and travel towards each other in high density packs. When the two groups intersect, lines of traffic bands soon emerge on the macro level from a simple set of rules which each pedestrian follows.

For detailed instructions on using the program, take a look at the info window from the Pedestrian Banding model.

Download the StarLogoT source code for the Pedestrian Banding model:
Download pedestrianbanding

To run this file you need StarLogoT2002 for the Macintosh.
(download StarLogoT)

Click on one of the pictures to see a quicktime movie of the model:
This movie shows the initial stages of the model in which the two groups of pedestrians are first coming together and forming lines within the mass.