EECS 372/472:
Designing & Constructing Models With Multi-Agent Languages

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Welcome to EECS 372/472 (Spring 2015)

This course will cover various topics related to the discipline of computer simulation through multi-agent modeling (also called agent-based modeling). Multi-agent modeling specifically focuses on the study of systems where a large number of independent entities (agents) simultaneously interact with each other, resulting in emergent patterns of behavior for the system as a whole.

In particular, students will gain proficiency with NetLogo, which is a sophisticated (yet easy to learn) language and environment for multi-agent modeling. Previous computer programming experience will prove helpful, but is not required.

Professor: Uri Wilensky

Teaching Assistants: David Weintrop, Bryan Head, Arthur Hjorth

Time: TuTh 2:00PM - 3:20PM

Location: Annenberg 345

Pre-requisities: For EECS 372: None     (For 472: Grad. students only)

Required Textbook: Introduction to Agent Base Modeling: Modeling natural, social, and engineered complex systems with NetLogo by Uri Wilensky and William Rand

Primary Software Tool: NetLogo 5.2: To get a feel for the course, download the software, and follow the first few tutorials

Week 1 Course Survey - please fill out this short survey by noon on Friday, April 3rd.