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Central Limit Theorem

Central Limit Theorem is authored in the NetLogo modeling-and-simulation environment. The model is part of ProbLab, a curricular unit designed to enrich student understanding of the domain. The online unit package will include a suite of models, student worksheets, and a teacher guide. Below is an applet of Central Limit Theorem. You can interact with this model by changing the slider values and switch settings and then pressing Setup and Go to run this model under different settings. For more details, please see the model itself in the NetLogo library. Note that this model is still under development and is yet to undergo our rigorous checkout procedure.

CM ProbLab: Central Limit Theorem -- A sample model, a model sample
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Central Limit Theorem demonstrates relations between population distributions and their sample mean distributions as well as the effect of sample size on this relation. In this model, a population is distributed by some variable, for instance by their total assets in thousands of dollars. The population is distributed randomly -- not necessarily 'normally' -- but sample means from this population nevertheless accumulate in a distribution that approaches a normal curve. The program allows for repeated sampling of individual specimens in the population.

Questions to Ponder

For further background, pedagogical notes, and ideas, please download the model.

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