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Probability Graphs Basic

Prob Graphs Basic is authored in the NetLogo modeling-and-simulation environment. The model is part of ProbLab, a curricular unit designed to enrich student understanding of the domain. The online unit package will include a suite of models, student worksheets, and a teacher guide. Below is an applet of Prob Graphs Basic. You can interact with this model by changing the slider values and then pressing Setup and Go to run this model under different settings. For more details, please see the model itself in the NetLogo library.

CM ProbLab: Probability Graphs Basic -- Three data-analysis perspectives on a single string of outcomes
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Probability Graphs Basic offers three different perspectives on a string of outcomes from a single simulation of a probability experiment. In this experiment, numbers are chosen randomly from a sample space that you define. This sample space can range here from 1 to 10. At every trial, a number from this sample space is selected randomly and if it is '1,' then we have a 'success' (favored event). So the simulation produces a string of 'successes' and 'failures.' The top plot shows the running cumulative ratios between successes and overall trials. The middle plot shows the distribution of 'waiting time' from each success to the next. The bottom plot shows the distribution of successes in samples of size X, where your can determine X as well as the number of samples to be taken by using the appropriate sliders.

[Last updated January 3, 2005]