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NetLogo 2.0.2 Downloads

Notes for Windows users:

  • NetLogo runs fastest and is most reliable on the Sun 1.4.2 VM. Therefore we strongly recommend the "Includes Java VM" option. (Questions? See below.)
  • If you are running anti-virus software there may be a long pause (as much as two minutes) near the end of the download process.

includes Java VM
without Java VM
Download (22.1 MB)
Download (9.6 MB)
Mac OS X
Download (9.1 MB)
Other Java-enabled Platforms
Download (8.5 MB)

Windows Details:

  • We strongly recommend the "includes Java VM" download option.
  • Choosing this download option installs Sun's 1.4.2 VM for NetLogo's private use only. Other programs on your system are not affected.
  • NetLogo runs faster and is more reliable on this VM than any other VM.
  • Even if you have downloaded NetLogo before, you should still choose "Includes Java VM". The bundled VM is not shared between different versions of NetLogo.
  • You should only choose the "without Java VM" download if either:
    • You have already, separately and independently from any NetLogo download, installed the Sun 1.4.2 VM on your system yourself.
    • You are certain you wish to try using a VM other than our recommended VM.

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Mac OS X Details:

  • On OS X 10.2, NetLogo requires Java 1.4.1 Update 1, which is available from Apple via Software Update.

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Other Platform Details:

  • Be sure you have Java 1.4.1 or later installed. Newer Java versions such as 1.4.2 should work even better. You can download Java from Sun's site.
  • The download is in the form of a .tar.gz file. You may untar this file into any directory.
  • Once untarred, the NetLogo application is in the NetLogo.jar file in the netlogo-2.0.2 folder.
  • The method for starting the application may be different depending on your operating system and Java virtual machine. You may be able to just double-click the NetLogo.jar file in your file manager. Or, a typical sequence of commands on a Unix-style machine would be:
    cd netlogo-2.0.2
    java -jar NetLogo.jar
  • For the computer HubNet client, substitute HubNet.jar for NetLogo.jar.

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