NetLogo 3.1.3 Downloads

September 20, 2006

Operating System   
includes Java
does not
include Java
Download (48M)
Download (25M)
Mac OS X
Download (25M)
Download (24M)

Notes for Windows users:

  • Certain anti-virus software may cause a long pause (as much as two minutes) near the end of the download process.
  • We strongly recommend the "includes Java" download. This choice installs Java (version 1.5.0) for NetLogo's private use only. Other programs on your system are not affected.
  • Even if you have downloaded NetLogo before, you should still choose "Includes Java". The included Java is not shared between different versions of NetLogo.
  • You should only choose the "does not include Java" download if you have already, separately and independently from any NetLogo download, installed Java (version 1.4.2 or higher, preferably 1.5.0 or higher) on your system yourself.

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