NetLogo 5.2.1 Downloads

October 1, 2015

Mac OS X
Download (106M)
On OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later? See below!
Download (126M)
Download (104M)

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Notes for Mac OS X users:

  • NetLogo requires the Apple supported Java6 that can be found on Apple's support website at
  • Some users have experienced problems after upgrading their version of OS X to the Yosemite OS. Installing the aforementioned Java6 package will fix the issue. Please see these notes for more information.

Notes for Windows users:

  • Our installer includes Java 6 for NetLogo’s private use only. Other programs on your computer are not affected.
  • Want to run NetLogo using a Java VM you have already installed yourself, instead of one bundled with NetLogo? Click here for instructions, cautions, and download link.

Notes for Linux users:

Problems downloading? Write