create-turtles1.0 crt1.0

create-turtles number create-turtles number [ commands ] create-<breeds> number create-<breeds> number [ commands ] Observer Command

Creates number new turtles at the origin. New turtles have random integer headings and the color is randomly selected from the 14 primary colors.

If the create-<breeds> form is used, the new turtles are created as members of the given breed.

If commands are supplied, the new turtles immediately run them. This is useful for giving the new turtles a different color, heading, or whatever. (The new turtles are created all at once then run one at a time, in random order.)

If number is fractional, it will be rounded down to the nearest integer (4.5 becomes 4, 10.9 becomes 10).

crt 100 [ fd 10 ]     ;; makes a randomly spaced circle
breed [canaries canary]
breed [snakes snake]
to setup
  create-canaries 50 [ set color yellow ]
  create-snakes 50 [ set color green ]

See also hatch, sprout.

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