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If clicking does not initiate a download, try right clicking or control clicking and choosing "Save" or "Download".(The run link is disabled for this model because it was made in a version prior to NetLogo 6.0, which NetLogo Web requires.)

## What is this?

This Netlogo Simulation is the Thesis of George-Alexandru Serea, Bucharest, Romania.
You can use and modify this file as long as you contain a visible reference to its initial author.

## What does this Simulation accomplish?

This simulation generates the virtual World or World Model that consists of a city in which we have ongoing traffic, pedestrians as well as air and railroad traffic. The scope of this work is to illustrate the outcome of implementing critical systems protocols using the CitySCAPE framework.

## How to use this Simulation?

The User selects the desired number of people, cars, buses and trucks that will occupy the World Model and presses the "Setup" button. Afterwards, the User should press the "go" button to start the simulation.
At any time the User can slow down the world's pace in order to see more clearly what is happening at each tick. Please note that the Simulation's running time is always displayed on the right side of the interface and that the elapsed time is measured in real time, not in a Simulated fashion.
In this World Model, the User can deploy various events and see the World's critical response to those events. At any time the User can reset the World to it's initial state.

## Notes

- ongoing traffic is implemented in a minimal fashion, not including stop lights.
- there is only one Airport and one aerial route for the airplanes to follow
- the Hospital is always assigned a random building at Setup
- there is a slight delay between declaring a quarantine and setting up the quarantined area around a building
- crashing the Airplane affects only the closest building or road

## Possible improvements

Most improvements refer to the agents movement. We could add acceleration and deceleration, curved trajectories and so on and so forth.

## Presentation date

This thesis was presented at the Politehnica University of Bucharest on 11 July 2013 by George-Alexandru Serea.

## Usage

You may use and extend this model, but keep a reference to the original Author and University. Thank you!

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