NetTango Web

Domain-centric block-based programming, powered by NetLogo Web


NetTango Web consists of the NetTango builder, an interface for defining blocks and linking them to a NetLogo Web model using NetLogo code and procedures. There is also a corresponding NetTango player page that displays a constructed NetTango Web model in a ready-to-use interface where modelers can experiment with the defined blocks to create programs and see how the model behavior is changed.

NetTango Web is developed as a collaboration between the Center for Connected Learning and the TIDAL lab, both at Northwestern University. The original version of NetTango was also created as a collaboration between the CCL and TIDAL Lab, it enabled bespoke blocks-based progamming such as the frog pond model, also using NetLogo as the backing compiler and runtime engine. That inspired the design of the NetTango Web builder to make it easier to create those domain-driven blocks-based programming experiences.

NetTango Web is open source software. The NetTango Web builder is part of the Galapagos project for NetLogo Web. The NetTango blocks interface has its own repository.