Heat Diffusion Redesign

Original from http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/models/HeatDiffusion





Color mapping:

Spectral schemes such as this one do not intutively map a color to a value, they are meant to show categories, not progressions of values. Moreover, notice in the legend bar to the left that blue has the higher value


The widgets are not grouped or positioned acording to their functions. The slider

that modifies the temperatures on the sides should be on the corresponding side that is affected. They are not, they do not have an intuitive mapping.




Color mapping:

Used Divergent Red Blue Color Schemes for ColorBrewer to map the value to color. Added numbers to legend bar on the left hand side. Mapped color following cultural conventions, red is hotter and blue is colder.


Grouped the widgets by functionality, and placed the tempearture sliders on their corresponding side, in order to achive a natural geometric mapping of the interface.