Low-Threshold Agent-Based Modeling

DeltaTick is a low-threshold visual programming interface for the NetLogo multi-agent modeling environment. It provides a graphical drag-and-drop interface that lets you build fully functional agent-based models quickly and easily. It also provides you with access to view and edit the text-based NetLogo code that is generated by any user's configuration of programming blocks.

DeltaTick programming blocks - a collection of blocks that typically reflect mid-grained behaviors appropriate for a specific content area (such as population dynamics, or natural selection) - are loaded from fully editable and authorable XML "Behavior Libraries". They can also be loaded in combination with any number of other libraries.

image of deltatick interface DeltaTick is still under development. It is currently used along with HotLink Replay, a new analysis interface for NetLogo, to study students' understanding of the Mathematics of Change in Complex Systems.

You can learn more about DeltaTick, HotLink, and our studies at the Center for Connected Learning's website, or on the CCL's papers page.

You can download DeltaTick here.