BugHunt -- Simulated Evolution    
A Project Sponsored by OBONU.

Compete in a worldwide on-line natural selection competition:

Join in a new competition every 3 minutes. Can you earn the title of top hunter?

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Or view the top hunters, scores, and the results of natural selection in these environements: Here are some of the environments that you can play in and examine the outcomes:

       PoppyField        MarsSurface        RainForest        Glacier

       Seashore        NUbreakwall        NUevergreen        NUpondshore

Or the top scores from all the environments.

Further Explorations -- The BEAGLE simulated evolution models.
Conduct experiments and explore computer models of evolution:

BugHunt Camouflage - How does a population of bugs evolve so as to be camouflaged in its environment?

Sunflower Biomorphs - What patterns of sunflowers can you evolve?

BugHunt Speeds - How does what you do as a predator change the selective pressure on a population of prey?

Gene Drift - In the absence of selection, why do traits in a population drift over time?

Peppered Moths - How does moth color change in response to pollution?

Altruism - Which behaviors (selfish or altruistic) benefit the survival of a population?

How to Build a Cladogram

    ...learn more about simulated evolution and the BEAGLE Project

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