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How to share your models

We encourage users to share your models with the NetLogo user community. You may upload your model through our model upload page. The web site will automatically create a web page for your model. Contributed models are credited to their authors.

We also have a model URL submission page. Use it if you prefer to host your model on an external web site.

The models

These models are contributions from the user community and are not included with NetLogo. These models are authored by the individual contributor and are not checked by the CCL staff.

 June, 2024
 Proyecto by Marina Delgado

 May, 2024
 TaskProcessing_v03 by Samd Guizani

 supermarket_v02 by Samd Guizani

 prisonersnew by Kevin Han

 Social impact theory by Han van der Maas

 hiom by Han van der Maas

 Thessaloniki Response and Recovery by Unknown

 Synapse Model by Katy Brooks

 Fish_Predator_Prey_Interaction_Model by Ian Kenny

 Optimising Compensation by Tino Muzambi

 April, 2024
 SIR-ABM by Zeus Morley Pineda

 oceanplastics-svr-slf-4.7.24-invisible_countmicros-exp_sequest_v20 by Samantha Flynn

 virus-spread-complex (NEW CODE).2222 by Kristine Hinoctan, Dianne Tabanas, Joanna Giga

 Incorporating global dynamics to improve the accuracy of disease models netlogo simulation by Romeo Giullano Aclo

 TokyoCovSim-VVGP by Jianing Chu

 March, 2024
 3.5 web by Lyndsy Stacy

 lifts_or_stairs by Thehuan Hoang

 In-cone_in-radius by Wilf Amor and Kevin Amor

 q_voter_expressed_private by Barbara Kamińska

 scribbling 3 - random walk and color by Cédric Sueur

 DHPA by Hani Rabiee

 February, 2024
 product_team_collab_agent_based_model by Katarina Lechner

 Microglia Model by Amanda Case, Emmanuel Mezzulo, Abigail Penland, Cheyenne Ty, Kamila Larripa

 HIV_treatment by Mamaili Elizabeth Mokuoane

 JAMM_v2 by Stefano Nicastro

 Race_everyone_pits by Wilf Amor and Kevin Amor

 The model of rural accommodation enterprise growth by Guo Zongkun

 集聚演化 by Guo Zongkun

 January, 2024
 Hotelling's Law by Gabriel Cunha

 f1_everyone_pits by Wilf Amor and Kevin Amor

 reindeer_and_human_hunter_interaction by Arnfinn Sijbrant

 October, 2023
 Random Pattern by Jaden Maynard

 September, 2023
 Bell 2000 Model by Ruwan Punchi-Manage

 Chisholm & Pacala 2010 Model-Web version by Ruwan Punchi-Manage

 Dewdney 2000 Model by Ruwan Punchi-Manage

 Hubbell 1979 Model by Ruwan Punchi-Manage

 Unified Model-Effects of Neutral & Non-Neutral Processes on Community Composition Web Version by Ruwan Punchi-Manage

 Light to Brain by Jeremy Dykstra, Naya Davidson-Lindfors

 August, 2023
 Social Capital in Social Networks by Keith Windsor

 June, 2023
 smarthome security model by Djouad Badreddine, Gani Sara, Houha Amel

 May, 2023
 tree_soil_pro_simple by Matthew Rossi

 Final Project by Kenneth Ligutom

 April, 2023
 ABM Fish Plastic Pollution. GC by Gustavo Chinchayan

 virus-spread-complex-4-link (2) by Rachel Anne Balagbis

 SIR-NETLOGOv2 by Urel Van William Bermudo, Eiries Marc Estilloso, Chris Adrian Gumisad

 Ising_field by Katarzyna Weron

 February, 2023
 SlimeMoldSimulation by Quinn Williams

 qvoter_WS by Barbara Kamińska

 04-Coin_Toss by Abhijit Borah

 ABO Blood Type Group Genetic Drift by João de Campos Carvalho

 Motion Quartet by Han van der Maas

 Sea Kelp and Urchin Simulation by Aaron M.

 Hardy-Weinberg Basic Model v_2_0 by Riccardo Tarantino and Valentino Romano

 January, 2023
 shogi by Sascha Gordon-Zolov, Felice Li, Wen Yuan Zhau

 December, 2022
 23_12, update all data file Zakat Model by Muhammad Asif Jaffer

 November, 2022
 Hardy-Weinberg Basic Model v. 2.0 by Tarantino R. and Romano V.

 ER Queue Model 2 by Linda Straub-Bruce

 Axelrod-Basic by Daniel Weissglass

 September, 2022
 Hardy-Weinberg Network by Riccardo Tarantino, Valentino Romano

 Cyclic Competition by Maarten Boerlijst

 Hypercycle by Maarten Boerlijst

 Hardy-Weinberg Basic Model V2.0 by Riccardo Tarantino, Valentino Romano

 August, 2022
 Magnetic monofield by lrcvs

 July, 2022
 physical_nature_of_matter_advanced temp stir surface area (1) by Cedric Jacobson

 COVID-19 Transmission and Prevention Model by David Nzoputa Ofili

 tree-frog-mate-choice by Sunny Boyd

 locusts_rain by Clemens Wager & Jeremy Cook

 COVID-19 Transmission Model by David Nzoputa Ofili

 June, 2022
 fireworks by Dimitar Kazakov

 Slime-RL by Stefano Mariani

 A model of social influence - Simone Alessia by Simone Alessia

 tASEL by Isaac Ullah

 May, 2022
 Wealth_Happiness-Education Interrelation by Pavithra Sripathanallur Murali, Jada Williams, Mansoor Bari

 UB Schwarmverhalten by Leroy Großmann, Nubia Vogt & Britta Tietjen

 Marine - Basic by Qi-fan

 Marine - Climate Change by Qi-fan

 April, 2022
 Bob the Blob by Arnauld GATET

 March, 2022
 MDVSoils prototype by Andrew Thompson

 BEST CV SIM by wilso collier

 VMI_concept_BloodSupplyChain by Neele Grund

 OAFisheryDynamics by John Janmaat

 Term Paper. Final by Andrey Lomatskiy

 Classic Traveling Salesman by

 CoronaVirus by Ana García - Miguel Pérez

 Final-Project by Joshua Zettel

 base-model by Ruth Efe, Reia Li and Omar Zintan Mwinila-Yuori

 February, 2022
 minifactory by Thibaut DEVERAUX

 January, 2022
 TimeExample-Logotimes by Steve Railsback

 UpdatedTimeExample-Logotimes by Steve Railsback

 DiscreteEventVirus by Steve Railsback

 TimeExample-Whack-A-Mole by Steve Railsback

 Minimum spanning tree(prim) by Penghui Fan

 December, 2021
 Spreading_Activation by Leo Niehorster-Cook

 November, 2021
 Viral Spread Model by Group 42

 Model v2.01b by Group 42

 groupFormation-ICA by František Kalvas

 Chlorides by Manu K Poulose

 October, 2021
 WolfMoose_v6 by Van Parunak

 Virus_Pandemie by

 Evolution_no_bad_plots by Jesper Lindmarker

 September, 2021
 MedSim by Berkay ERGİN

 Hardy-Weinberg Basic Model by Valentino Romano

 Epistemic logic by Jon Hall

 MBER NetLogo Limited Resources by

 Learning Equity_Interaction of teacher-pupil-environment by Elizabeth Randolph

 Hotelling estratégico_v03 by David Acevedo Britez

 August, 2021
 Ecological Competition Model by Will Hemsley

 fishtest by Philip Murphy

 Make a Square Practice by Julia Lee

 July, 2021
 agario by Brianna Tieu

 Bulls and Bears by Franco Busetti

 Evolving Allele Population by Riccardo Tarantino

 MDVSoils_Proto_v_1 by Andrew Thompson

 wikipedia_editing by Daria Mikhaylova, Paolo Milazzo

 June, 2021
 Virus_propagacion_movilidad by Javier Sandoval

 Virus_propagation&Mobility by Javier Sandoval

 Peppered Moths sexual by Randi Mewhort and Doug Mewhort

 RISK by

 GeneticoAll1 by José Antonio Martín Melguizo

 physical_linkage_one_trait_locus by Tarryn Schuldiner-Harpaz

 physical_linkage_two_trait_loci by Tarryn Schuldiner-Harpaz

 model_april_2_berke by Berke Nuri & Jonathan Huang

 May, 2021
 Customer_Stores_Choice_Model by Sachin Yadav

 April, 2021
 Conway_Game_of_Life_Shapes by Diego Ciccia

 Friendship_model by Federico Bindi

 Schelling_Segregation_Model by Diego Ciccia

 March, 2021
 Balassa-Samuelson_V2_Beta by Adam Hardaker

 Development_of_Religion by Tarik Ćosović

 covidMittal by Chirag Mittal

 BasicTransformationsV2 by Christopher Yu

 Equilíbrio_Químico by Marcos Vinícius Taira

 February, 2021
 BasicTransformations by Christopher Yu

 Lines_ABM_DSTI_Fawaz_Qutami by Fawaz Qutami

 pow_day by Spencer Murphy

 January, 2021
 Simple_Birth_Rates_Fixation_2.0 by

 GAMazeSolver by Christophoros Mouratidis

 GA_maze_solver v1.2 by Christophoros Mouratidis

 December, 2020
 threepartsfire by Francisco Menino Destéfanis Vítola

 doppler_effect_model by Pracheeti Shikarkhane

 DomesticViolence by Shiza Khalidi

 RohitKumarDamodaran-PanicBuyingSimulation by Rohit Kumar Damodaran

 Covid_Model_(Claire_Gilliam) by Claire G

 November, 2020
 Final_Complete_(1) by

 October, 2020
 Consumption_pattern by Maryam Ojari

 Disease_Rabbits by bosmat bar

 Maze Escape v1.0 by Riccardo Rotondo

 September, 2020
 ETIB_Model_Final_v2-1 by Benjamin Trzcinski

 meso_neo_v3 by Thomas Perrin

 August, 2020
 MANET by Min Min

 Modeling_Daycare_HFMD_Spread by Victoria McGraw, Alexandra Eguiluz, and Bonnie Jacob

 School_Choice_ABM by Diego A. Diaz

 BoxCountingDimension by Md. Rakibuz Zaman

 UAV_Network_REU2020 by Luis Espiritusanto

 July, 2020
 Multitasking-email-V1.1 by Xavier Bronlet

 Information diffusion process by Emilio Sulis & Marcella Tambuscio

 clod-model-6 by Cristina Ponsiglione, Simonetta Primario, Ivana Quinto, Giuseppe Zollo

 abm_school_choice by Diego Diaz

 link-05-4turtles-link-mouse-create by Chika Suwabe

 link-turtles-mouse-create by Matsuura Rinka

 FINAL_with_networks by Massab Qayum

 Globalisation_after_Corona_Virus by Massab Qayum

 pegaPorco_big by Ricardo Machado

 turtles_link_mouse_create_2 by Maino Ariga

 June, 2020
 Churn_Analysis by Erika Luiz Fonseca

 SIsaR by Pietro Terna

 Helechos by Jorge A Melendez A

 metapop by Jon Bennie

 turtles-link-mouse-create by Ken Yajima

 masks_master_v1_1 by Matthew Stieg Alex Brown

 alzheimers_brain_connectivity_final by Clàudia Valiente and Paula Ros

 Multitasking_email_V1.1 by Xavier Bronlet

 estornudov6v1Población externa by Miguel Angel Rodriguez Roman

 May, 2020
 FSM_code by David Fuente

 spatialChaos by Zineb Elhamer

 April, 2020
 project1-0 by JEAN MILPIED

 KrillSwarm by Nick Record

 March, 2020
 DisasterResponse- 2 by Surya Poudel

 February, 2020
 Standard Lee Replication model v0.6 by Andrea Gallucci

 January, 2020
 VitalyShalumov by Vitaly Shalumov

 Multiplicative Growth and Inequality by Rupert Nagler

 Nitzan by Nitzan Madar

 Rich get Richer vs Wealth Tax by Rupert Nagler

 Throwing Coins - Inequality and Tax by Rupert Nagler

 idoGather by Ido Zoref

 coinGame1 by Rupert Nagler

 coinGame2 by Rupert Nagler

 coinGame by Rupert Nagler

 ReseauChaleur_HeatNetwork_v1 by François Veynandt

 DisasterResponse by Surya Poudel

 December, 2019
 three_body_problem by Claudio Augusto Borges Pavani
This program simulates the gravitational attraction between three bodies (three bodies problem).

 November, 2019
 RicardoMarx_v_0_97 by Pietro Terna
David Ricardo (1772-1823) and Karl Marx (1818-1883) in an agent-based model? What blasphemy!Maybe not. The model is a tool to reason about the consequences of their thoughts on machines.By Pietro Terna,,

 Urban Region Toy by Javier Sandoval
This model demonstrates land use patterns that may arise as a result of land-use compatibilities stablished in urban development plans and conditions present in the territory where they apply.

 NetlogoFinalProjectCUH by Jack Watke

 ultimatumgame by Ronald Paul Ng

 BAM Maze Generator2 by Benjamin Menashe

 October, 2019
 Simple Death Rates Fixation (1) by

 Minimal Genetic Algorithm by Cosimo Leuci

 boids_remake by

 mars_indoors_mapping by Ken Fox & Tomer Altman

 September, 2019
 dovrat2017 by David Dovrat

 Sylvatic YF model by Antônio Ralph Medeiros-Sousa

 Best-SellerModel by John Solomon Tupas Legara

 phage project by Jessica Shi

 Evolution1 by Jesper Lindmarker

 rotationalgrazing.logo by Jessica Shi

 August, 2019
 dsReproCap by Joan Juhé Mas

 one_love by Alberto Cottica

 Contour30 by Garrett Love

 Contour30 by Garrett Love

 Delaunay20 by Garrett Love

 Forest Fire_v1 by Kevin Stessel

 Pirates-FINAL by Ciara Sibley

 July, 2019
 Nuclear_Reactor_under_Control by Everton Rocha de Souza

 heat-treatment by Felix Rauchenwald

 Bark_beetle_epidemic by Lin Xiang

 ConspiracyTheory by Alexander Neuherz

 Sinkhole by Vicky Kalogera

 June, 2019
 treegrowth by Kai Bergmann

 flocking_under_predation by Christopher Wegl


 2048 w: Turtles.nlogo V2 by Jonah Keller

 braessparadoxon by Jürgen Reiter

 April, 2019
 Rhemuatoid Arthritis by Joslyn Mangal

 BDE 702 Model Assignment - Kostes by Warner Kostes

 BDE702_T2DM2 by Devin Bowes

 GeneticDrift_expanded by Juan Jose Garcia Mesa

 Judicial Review.tmp by Alex Schwartz

 Platform with risk management ability by Bjoern H.

 Simple P2P online lending environment by Bjoern H.

 Alzheimers_Buildup_References by Grace Schwarz

 March, 2019
 Netlogo specialist1 by Bárbara Seaman

 Money Change by TzouvelekasEmmanuel
This modified Language_Change NetLogo model portrays money exchange as language exchange.It explores how the properties of money users (agents) and the structure of their social networks can affect the course of money usage change. In this model, there are two monetary variants in competition within the social network – one variant generated by “money 0” (or legal tender) and the other generated by “money 1” (community currency). Money users interact with each other based on whom they are connected to in the network. At each iteration, each individual make exchanges by using either money “0” or money “1” to the neighbors in the network. Individuals then imitate their neighbors and change their money based on what money they use.Experiments through the use of Behavior Space have shown that under certain properties community currency can spread all over the network crowding out the dominant type of money.This model is used as part of a Phd research on monetary innovation.

 knn by Vaibhav

 February, 2019
 bobslife by ACMES MSU

 cookingrocks by ACMES MSU

 January, 2019
 partitionsWeb by Fernando Sanchez

 November, 2018
 traffic by Tomas Javier Fernandez Battolla, Santiago Fuentes, Jose Ignacio Illi, Joaquin Nacht, Mariana Falco

 Ding-Kongsoonthorn Investor by Yanxiang Ding; Patadon Kongsoonthorn

 October, 2018
 WNV model 181026 by Stuart Eugene Thiel

 activity 1 by

 model-wom-information-seeking by Samuel Thiriot

 nelwin by Murat Yildizoglu

 UK house market 2009 new setting by 深度碎片

 September, 2018
 Shark-Fish by nicole j isaacson

 Ants Simple by 深度碎片

 August, 2018
 SpatialPD by David N. Sousa

 Genetic Drift by Carlo Maley

 Random Mating Diploid Drift by Carlo Maley

 evolution-of-mutation-rates by Carlo Maley

 fuel-of-evolution by Carlo Maley

 mutation-rate-and-rate-of-evolution by Carlo Maley

 town_model_burnin by Elizabeth Hunter

 WSimulNET_v626_basic by Valério Rosset

 AbandonmentAndAdoptionOfDogs by Canales_Silva

 Behavior_of_Carbon_Dioxide_(ABM) by Camilo Alarcón and Lucía Márquez

 Behavior_of_Carbon_Dioxide_(SDM) by Camilo Alarcón and Lucía Márquez

 CodeV7 by Francisco Gonzalez, Alejandra Hidalgo

 ComplexityInMusicVisualized by Fabian Ruiz, Marco Alvarez

 Femicides_Model by Daniel Molina, Victor Vargas

 Police_Operations by Luis Santana - Cristopher Tacul

 WaterAvailability by Jaime Klenner - Tomas Vera

 sistema_dinamico by Alejandra Hidalgo, Francisco Gonzalez

 July, 2018
 ABM_Ditu by Inti Romero

 Cooperation under ecological pressure_Cognitive adaptations by David N. Sousa

 ExampleABM_Time_Stepped by Emmet Beeker

 ExampleABM_Event_Driven_1 by Emmet Beeker

 ExampleABM_Event_Driven_2 by Emmet Beeker

 TIMELY_Model by Pia Backmann

 redistrictingPackNCrack by Anne Yust

 June, 2018
 Organizational Responsibility Model by Guttenberg Ferreira Passos

 BeetleNavigation by Jake Hofgard

 Pertussis_Model by David Mills

 Pigeon_flock by Teodoro Dannemann

 April, 2018
 Marage Market6 by Ramezani A

 March, 2018
 Bacterial persistence in biofilms by Gabriel Carvalho

 Discrete_Event-Model-for v6-02-18-03-19-1500 by Russ Abbott

 SES_DEB-IBM_Goedegebuure_etal_PLOS by Merel Goedegebuure

 SimFI_endemic by Hélène Arduin

 HUMANIA 2018 by Nadya González-Romero

 DO2-VO2_regulation_01 by Victor Iapascurta

 February, 2018
 parental_investment_sexual_conflict by César González

 Hunter Gatherer Survival by Juan A. Barceló

 FractionRT by Alexandra Kasper

 GlowwormModel by David J Merritt and Joshua Gilchrist

 Water_Cycle_MSU by ACMES Group

 market-model-v307 by Dhanan Sarwo Utomo

 MultiColorAnt by Costantino Carugno

 January, 2018
 NETLOGO_FINALV6 (5) by Eliora Henzler

 The Socio-Natural Model by Kailin Hatlestad

 AntHocLogo by Dan Kucherhan

 TheftNorm by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 TrafficLawEmergence by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 December, 2017
 Wealth Distribution (Mod) by

 fake news goede versie by Donny en Jochem

 Layout by Anna Gramm

 November, 2017
 Camada_de_ozoniov1 by Abel Augusto Alves Moreira

 Toll_Simulator by Arthur Ruf Hosang da Costa

 block119_random by Victor Peña-Guillen

 October, 2017
 Local Policing and Colorism, Bi-directional Influence by Henry Smart, III

 Local Policing and Colorism, Uni-directional Influence by Henry Smart, III

 banks2 by Alessandro Barazzetti

 Supply Demand Predation by

 September, 2017
 Nuclear Proliferation V1 - According to Waltz by Ryan M Nixon

 Cultural Drift_Neutral Model by Hartmut Derler

 collect_roaming by Vincent Zha

 Wolf-Sheep Predator-Mediated Coexistence (FINAL) by Teresa S. Alexandre, Vanessa Costa & Rúben Rego

 August, 2017
 Model_1_TCR MHC binding diffusion model by Aaron K. Neumann

 Model_2_BIOM514_ca oscillations tfa tfb by Aaron K. Neumann

 SAmort-final by Lisa Sattenspiel, Jessica Dinka, Erin Miller, Carolyn Orbann

 viral infection dynamics_T cell dynamics by Aaron K. Neumann

 Collaborative demand forecasting by Valentas Gruzauskas

 Model 1 - Spread of content in a network by Noam Drory

 Model 2 - Social Conception of content by Noam Drory

 block69 by Victor Peña-Guillen

 July, 2017
 DiscreteEventSimulation_QueuesServers by Nick Bennett

 June, 2017
 Colon_Crypt_Model_110514_G by David E. Axelrod

 economy-of-forest-timber by Desi Suyamto

 Life of Pi(gs) by Desi Suyamto & Aritta Suwarno

 May, 2017
 Xanthan_Gum_Bioreactor by Viola Sanderlin

 March, 2017
 Evolution of Sex by K N Crouse

 February, 2017
 sara najnovije by Sara

 Netlogo_Climate_Change_UPORTO by Yassine Baghoussi

 January, 2017
 Polyclonal_simulation by A. Fernández

 Zombies good by Charles Lundquist

 SegregationExtended by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 Wolf Sheep Predator-Mediated Coexistence by Teresa S. Alexandre, Vanessa Costa & Rúben Rego

 sheep_n_dogs by Marouane Berrada

 November, 2016
 AntsAtWar by John Thomas

 October, 2016
 Airfoil Analysis by Lincoln Berkley

 Working Model for RESPECT 9.14.15 by Virginia Mckay

 Fire in the forest by Roland, B., Kampis, G., Karsai, I.

 September, 2016
 Dragonfly Fantasy VII Remake (1.3) by

 EIPSymb - Site version by Gabriel Couto Mantese

 Simulation of Organizational Adaptation to Structural Change by Jose David Vielma Moreno y Oswaldo Terán

 August, 2016
 El Farol Network Congestion by Uri Wilensky

 Landscape Diversity by Ervin Wirth

 July, 2016
 Genetic Inheritance by Emma

 MAP-K Final by Edgar Manzanarez-Ozuna, Dora-Luz Flores, Alberto Abaroa, Carlos Castro, Rubén Castañeda-Martínez

 June, 2016
 ThisWorld_LisaYe_XiaokeLuo_Final by Lisa Ye/Xiaoke Luo

 Coop4SWEEEM_1-0_SPANISH by Sandra Mendez-Fajardo

 Wolf Sheep Predation meh by dj

 May, 2016
 Cipolla's Stupid World by Andrea Cossu

 EONOERS by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 EditedCode-CarCruise by Abha Trivedi

 April, 2016
 ALModel by Tomas Nachazel

 gradient by Matthew Saponaro

 March, 2016
 TBPatch by Pere-Joan Cardona and Clara Prats

 banks by alessandro barazzetti

 Mobility and extinction risk in human-altered landscapes by Amanda E. Martin

 Wine_v5 by Tete Zhang

 Yeast_v5 by Tete Zhang

 MIMICS v-CSI by Carlos Barra, Enrique Canessa, Sergio E. Chaigneau

 February, 2016
 Evasion_fiscal by Erick Limas

 Musical Chairs REVISITED by Andreas Angourakis

 January, 2016
 QuotaAbolition by Diti Oudendag

 Learning Complicated Games -Galla&Farmer (2012) by Russell C. Thomas

 December, 2015
 Evolution of boundary-crossing behavior by Amanda E. Martin

 CompositeCollectiveDecisionMaking by Tomer J. Czaczkes

 November, 2015
 physics-projectile-motion by Joseph Breisch

 Visual Dynamics_v.0.91 by Seung Jae Lee

 Loop de Langton 2 by JAIME LUIS TORRES FLÓREZ

 FINAL by Abhishek Bhatia

 couzin by Abhishek Bhatia

 October, 2015
 HB-SOTL_8_10 by Pedro S. Rodríguez-Hernández & Juan C Burguillo-Rial

 PJ_petri_DiningPhilosophersR04 by jose costas gual

 September, 2015
 Sierpinski2015 by Milos Adamovic


 communication-ak by Anonymous for AAAI Review

 August, 2015
 Ants2015 by Enée Gilles

 July, 2015
 Utility Load Model 2015 by Ulisses Lacerda de Morais

 HUMANIA (3) by Nadya González-Romero

 June, 2015
 residential mobility as a result of gentrification by Mohammad Hadi Kaboli

 leopard-modelv5 by Howard Noble

 CamEncounter_v9.1_20151112 by Kevin Blecha

 airportdef by Javier Carbo

 Axelrod - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 Confident Voter - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 Heterogeneous Voter - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 Ising - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 Potts - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 Social Consensus - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 Turnout - Network by Daniel Diermeier

 May, 2015
 Parking_oneLane by Kory

 AIDS by bendaoud

 Day&Night by David Weintrop

 housing-norm-adherence-dynamics by Martin Hájek

 April, 2015
 Boomshakalaka_shelton-atagi-keene-ross by Delia S. Shelton, Eriko Atagi, Justin R. Keene, Travis Ross

 AVI by Mingsheng Tang

 March, 2015
 v2 - George-Alexandru Serea _en by George Alexandru Serea

 Predator, Prey, Poison by Stephen H. Jenkins

 NOERS by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 February, 2015
 Flocking-softcontrol by Jing Han

 photosynthesis by Kit Martin

 NitrificationModelRutgersABedit by Annette Brickley

 January, 2015
 sync_dyn by Yuanzhao Zhang

 When Mafias and States Cohabitate by Adrian Haugen Ordermann

 B-Z reaction model as primitive phase transition and reaction diffusion_system by Dalibor Stys

 Simulacio institut (30-8-14) (originalnou_codi) by Gerard Munté

 model institut amb xarxes bo by Gerard Munté

 December, 2014
 util15 by Syarif Hidayat

 November, 2014
 Spiranimator by David Slauson

 Town - Traffic & Crowd simulation by Jiri Lukas

 Spiralator by David Slauson

 AVI+ by Mingsheng TANG

 Graph_search-DFS_and_BFS by Jiri Lukas

 October, 2014
 Net_TDMA - by Kumud Wasti

 Priority_slots_wireless_dynamic by Kumud Wasti

 Radio_wireless by Kumud Wasti

 zombie-city by Mingsheng Tang

 parking by Murilo Moraes

 партии 2 by Владимир

 Forex by Marjo Kaci

 rocsispap by Rashid Mhar

 Transaction Costs in Financial Market by Marek Spisak & Roman Sperka

 Montecarlo circle by Antonio Hoyos

 August, 2014
 Curb Parking Simulation Model by Yanan Xin


 Population regulation via feedback by Klahs, Phil and Karsai, Istvan

 Endocell by Barakah Quader

 July, 2014
 Ueb5 by Everardo Gonzalez

 GameTheory by Rick O'Gorman

 Neuromuscular junction ABM - Final NetLogo Code by Richard R. Chapleau

 BRADFORD WFF N Proof Quiz 7-4-14 by John Hamilton Bradford

 BRADFORD MINDING NORMS Hunting for Norms 7-1-14 by John Hamilton Bradford

 June, 2014
 BRADFORD Expectations Luhmann 6-26-14 by John Hamilton Bradford

 BRADFORD Sakodas Model of Social Interaction 6-25-14 by John Hamilton Bradford

 Day and Night by Abhishek Bhatia

 Sunshine or Shield Model by Michele Buttò

 tragedy of the commons v4_2 by Young Joon Oh

 May, 2014
 Plant Community Dynamics by Lucas Kushner, Binney Girdler

 The Mafia Model - Interaction between police, mafia and storewoners by Adrian Haugen Ordemann and Benedito Faustinoni Neto

 April, 2014
 Checkers by Jiří Lukáš

 Extinction of Homo Economicus by Rolf Stenholm

 epiDEM plus baboon by C.Raby

 March, 2014
 ARDERS by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 Technology diffusion ABM by Peter Bodo

 rescue the princess by Sebastien Picault

 adverselockinmodel2 by Rishabh Kumar

 February, 2014
 Nanjing_CI_SIM_27_Nov_2013 by Helin Liu; Elisabete A. Silva

 January, 2014

 BRADFORD SOCIAL NORMS 1-31-2014 Emperors Dilemma by John Hamilton Bradford

 Astardemo1 by Meghendra Singh

 Pandoran Ecosystems by Kaan

 El Farol Attack of the coin flippers by Rolf Stenholm

 MARS Migration by Jakob Virgil

 VirtualCryptModel020413G by Rafael Bravo and David E. Axelrod

 Opinion Diffusion in Congressional Committees by Maurice Champagne

 knowledge homophily and expertise seeking beta2 by Maurice Champagne

 NatSelGame by Michael Zito

 sync by Yuanzhao Zhang

 December, 2013
 Vulnerability_To_Depression by Claudia van Borkulo

 November, 2013
 Information Cascades by Rob Carrington

 October, 2013
 Bayes1D by Travis Monk

 Drift by Travis Monk

 Spatial by Travis Monk

 ecologicalconstraints by Travis Monk

 OptionsMarketWithJumps by William Elliott

 WolfMoose by Van Parunak

 September, 2013
 Kuhnian Paradigm Shift 2 by Jason Rines

 PJ_TSP_heuristics_sep2013_V5 by Jose Costas

 PJ_hungarian_v2 by jose costas

 Modelo 1_3_6_5 by Computational Modelling Research Group

 Social influence in networks by Michael Maes

 SudokuGame by Muhammad Rizwan

 Lattice-Walking Turtles_OwnAlgorithm_25_startCustome_printingColors by waleed m. aladrousy

 August, 2013
 War Guard Queen 2 by Andrew McDermott

 Location Game by Jeff Russell

 July, 2013
 Schlieffen Logistics by Robert Allen, Brian Coffey, Dante Montgomery, Ashley Rawson, and Brian Stebar II

 GraphingRationalFunctionsGame by Edwin Schasteen

 Fracking_v13a by Horwitz

 Symptom_Spread_Model by Claudia van Borkulo

 PJ_Dijkstra by jose costas

 June, 2013
 aacondro_football_v1 by Aryo Adhi Condro

 PJ_freddie by jose costas

 Dados2 by Francisco Restivo

 Kelly by Francisco Restivo

 CoordinationAndSustainability by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 Wealth Distribution2 by Abel Porras

 Carbon Cycle by Systems&Cycles

 Fish Spawn by Systems&Cycles

 Pond Macroscopic by Systems&Cycles

 Pond Maicroscopic by Systems&Cycles

 virus 2 by xarty ulep

 May, 2013
 EmptyBinCity by Christos Tzivanakis

 MEGanE SysDyn Netlogo by Francisco Dieguez

 Siste Mafia33, edited 2 by Adrian Ordemann and Benedito Faustinoni Neto.

 RenKraut-SimulateOnlineCommunity by Yuqing Ren & Robert Kraut

 LLNL by Michelle Saksena

 version1_2 by Christina Klaus; Hendrik Hänke

 Educational Model of Speciation by Carter Merenstein

 WSN-Project-20-Final-6 by Rafi Mahabbat Bin Belal

 April, 2013
 DiscreteLife5 by Van Parunak

 PJ_Kelton4_10_queues by jose costas

 MinimumWages by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 Track_and_Field by Thomas Yeh

 Fisheries_and_Management_v3 by Stuart Kininmonth

 OptionsMarket by William Elliott

 snakesladders_v2 by Stuart Kininmonth

 Smog by Madison Fitzpatrick

 March, 2013
 Growth_Used_in_Chapter_and_Distributed by Randall Boone

 Peloton Simulation 3 by Hugh Trenchard

 Phase Transition Noise by Unknown

 Axelrod_Cultural_Dissemination by Arezky H. Rodríguez

 VisualizationCommunities by Vivienne Kennedy

 de_groot by Dmitry

 February, 2013
 agriculture0035 by Andrew Reckers

 Jeopardy by Ali Saad

 DroneNET by The Soviet Unit

 Kaboom by Ali Saad and Geoffrey Luu

 Peloton 2 by Hugh Trenchard

 Combustion of Methane by Stephen Fether

 January, 2013
 Solar Field Mapping 1p07 by Kenneth Schatten

 twitter by B.P. Kusumo Bintoro

 HNG by Manu Muñoz Herrera

 Lattice-Walking Turtles_15 by waleed M. Al-Adrousy

 December, 2012
 FamiliarTrafficDiversion by Gary O'Brien

 OSOSS1rc2 by David Wiley

 admisiones_breeds-lists by Jeison Cárdenas

 Robbery-with-qlearn by Amrutha

 TermitIA by Rodolfo Sanchez

 Zombies Model by Marc Mondhaschen

 November, 2012
 Peloton Dynamics by Hugh Trenchard

 Girls Get Attached by YANG SHANSHAN

 Immigrant, Leadership and Social change by Han shuyu

 Pathological Gambling and Social Influence by Yeo Shu Hui

 Smoker Behavior and Intimacy by Claudia Chong Pick Yee

 The Influence of Obesity in a Social Network by Elaine Kho

 advanced enzyme kinetics by Georg F. Weber

 Facebook share on group buying decision by Ong Shu Fang

 Occupational Stress Support by Tan Xin Yi

 Positive & Negative Talk of Network by Cindy

 Talk of Network by Cindy

 Yawn Contagion by Nilah

 PD N-Person with Strategies by Tan Yongzhi

 Smoking motivation peer pressure by M.A. Helmich

 Fashion-Models by Lau Wee Kiat

 Fall-of-banks by Jose Angel Rodriguez

 October, 2012
 Evil Bunny Bully Model by Sean Kelly

 Party Segregation by Asish Ghosh

 Frogger Simple Reflect Agent by Mochamad Agung Tarecha

 September, 2012

 HOTnet by Marcello Tomasini

 August, 2012
 ClimateWise1_2 by Mike L Anderson

 FlockingColor_v5 by Norman Lee Johnson

 July, 2012
 BEFERGYONET MODEL by Inocencio Rodriguez, Gerard D’Souza, Edward Rayburn and Tom Griggs

 value-iteration by Nooreddin Naghibolhosseini

 June, 2012
 FastMIS_from_1986 by Antonio Lo Russo and Carmelo Scarso

 left-right-game-no-audio by Ralph Turner

 left-right-game by Ralph Turner

 game1 by s

 FinalProj by Andy Wang

 UNMdensity-fidelity by Daniel Washington

 May, 2012
 Kiri test 2 by Kiri

 diet_breadth by

 April, 2012
 TaskAllocation by Klaus G. Troitzsch

 abm art by Pieter Steenekamp

 parkingmodel by Relinde Nieuwborg

 at by Taha Ahsin

 land-income by Erel Segal Halevi

 land-random by Erel Segal Halevi

 March, 2012
 bc by Jan Lorenz

 hydrogeol by Fleurant



 Graphical Traffic Simulator by

 SpeciesWorld by Tony Lawson

 Taller conceptos basicos by x

 Diffusion3 by Mallory Owen

 Prisoner's dilemma 3_0 by Lasse Lindqvist

 Improved Clonal Selection Algorithm for Solving Travelling Salesman Problem (v_4_1_3) by Adil Baykasoglu, Alper Saltabas, A. Serdar Tasan, Kemal Subulan

 February, 2012
 TraitScape by Heather Bird Jackson

 Hemangioblast Determination by Jerry Rhee

 moranforagers by Travis Monk

 January, 2012
 PD N Iterated morestrats noise evolution by Lasse Lindqvist

 Bird's Eye by Shayryl Mae Ramos

 Groupintegration_nobreededlinks by Martin C. Baker

 Kanban3_v5 by Mirko Blüming

 trytodrawsolution by Moosha

 December, 2011
 Steve Keens Endogenous Money Model (Agent-based implementation) by Itwill Neverwork

 Flocking with Predator by Janusz Strzepek

 SolarSystemEnd by Toby Skinner

 November, 2011
 Center of Mass v3 by Kent Wallace

 Haystacks by Jen Badham

 October, 2011
 NSS by Prashant Tiwari

 Agent-Based Model by Pradeep Kumar

 Gravity (Final) - Ivaylo M by Ivaylo Madzharov

 FriendshipGameRev_1_0_25 by David S. Dixon

 Prisoner's dilemma by claudio by claudio augusto borges pavani

 The knowledge game by claudio augusto borges pavani

 September, 2011
 Post-earthquake activity by Mehdi Jalalpour

 Solar Field Mapping 1p03 by Kenneth Schatten

 August, 2011
 Copiar en los examenes by Jose Antonio Sarmiento

 game by suslik

 finalfin by Parinya Jomapng

 merchant by Adam Marchetti

 Feldman NetLogo Interface Algorithmic Finance by Todd Feldman

 PERSECUTIONS by Luis Belmonte

 Segundo jogo do conhecimento 2 by claudio augusto borges pavani

 METAMORFOSIS by Luis Belmonte

 July, 2011
 CSS Generator by [InsertNameHere]<3

 Modified random clusters method for landscape pattern simulation by James Millington

 June, 2011
 MattnKim by Shelley Shin

 nn-inspiredCA by suslik

 Agent-based N-person prisoner's dilemma by Michal Czaplinski

 circle by Artis

 Diabetes by Rodolfo Sanchez

 Diabetes1 by Rodolfo Sanchez

 May, 2011
 3Economies by Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

 19Mai11 by Toumi Anis

 Gestion de migration 25mars11 by Toumi Anis

 MCLOUD-1 by M Iudin

 April, 2011
 agentworld by suslik

 BIGmodel by Tomas Rosival

 WealthDistribRes by Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

 flame by suslik

 ghostly by suslik

 wikimodel by Evgeniy Patarakin

 bucketsort by Mellionard Lopera

 maze game by caspar wylie

 March, 2011
 Relativity NG by Matthew Banks

 psychotest by Ondřej Černý

 Light bike by Noah Thoron

 tank by caspar wylie

 Estimate the Value of Social-Capital by SunYoungKim

 February, 2011
 evolution_of_aggression by Francisco J. Romero-Campero

 gttrolley by Nathan Adams, Erik Akrop, Ben Benoy, Rob Myers

 1dCAexplorer by suslik

 Jill's Ants by Jill Anderson

 Neture by Uwe Grueters

 December, 2010
 totalistic2dCA by suslik

 EXPLORE VS EXPOLTE1 by Irshad Faisal

 EXPLORE VS EXPOLTE by Irshad Faisal

 Wave Interaction with Chladni Patterns by Roy Sando

 SegregationExpanded by David Pugh

 Ants_AndrewE_add ants5 by Andrew Erickson

 Zombies 4_9 by Lacy Smith and Chris Boler

 Anisakisim by Angel Criado

 Babesim by Angel Criado

 Brugiasim by Angel Criado

 Cryptosporisim by Angel Criado

 Egranulosim by Angel Criado

 Leishmanisim by Angel Criado

 Plasmoknowlesim by Angel Criado

 HnH by Max OrHai

 Artillery by Eric Muhs

 November, 2010
 David Miller - Resteraunt Model by David Miller

 Proyecto_Final Computacionales 2 by Damian Marquez

 Rhythm Simulator 2 by MJ Banks

 Bandwagon 2D by Davide Secchi

 fission by Sueur Cédric

 leading according to needs by Sueur Cédric

 Ants_AndrewE_add food3 by Andrew Erickson

 cyclic_cellular_automata by Juan Ignacio Perotti

 ecosimple by Ryan Kelly

 October, 2010
 Terrorism_vs_Altruism by Thomas Hills

 September, 2010
 Assignment by Irfan

 CASM_Robot by Jaqueson Kingeski Galimberti

 Silence spiral 2 by WANG Chengjun

 August, 2010
 AntTaskAlloc by Arvind Diggikar

 Silence spiral by Wang Chengjun

 diffusion[1] by Gabriel Rossman

 HabitatFragmentation by George Kampis and Istvan Karsai

 July, 2010
 crt100 by joseph

 diffusion by Gabriel Rossman

 CompExclusion by Andrew Yoak

 June, 2010
 TowerofHanoi by Shayryl Mae Ramos

 Vision Cone Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Vacuum Cleaner Robot by William John Teahan

 Two States by William John Teahan

 Sudoku Builder by William John Teahan

 Stick Figure Walking by William John Teahan

 Stick Figure Animation by William John Teahan

 State Machine Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Simple Walk by William John Teahan

 Shuffle and Deal Cards by William John Teahan

 Shuffle Cards by William John Teahan

 Shannon Guessing Game by William John Teahan

 Searching Mazes by William John Teahan

 Searching for Kevin Bacon 2 by William John Teahan

 Searching for Kevin Bacon by William John Teahan

 Santa Fe Trail 2 by Loukas Georgiou and William John Teahan

 Obstacle Avoidance 2 by William John Teahan

 Obstacle Avoidance 1 by William John Teahan

 NZ Birds by William John Teahan

 Nested Triangles by William John Teahan

 Nested Squares by William John Teahan

 N Dimensional Space by William John Teahan

 Missionaries and Cannibals by William John Teahan

 Mazes-2 by William John Teahan

 Mazes by William John Teahan

 Map Drawing by William John Teahan

 Map and Image Annotator by William John Teahan

 Manhattan Distance by William John Teahan

 Look Ahead Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Load File by William John Teahan

 Line of Sight Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Life Example by William John Teahan

 Life Cycle Stages by William John Teahan

 Language Modelling by William John Teahan

 Knowledge Representation by William John Teahan

 Hill Climbing with Wall Following by William John Teahan

 Hill Climbing Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Hampton Court Maze with Wall Following by William John Teahan

 Hampton Court Maze by William John Teahan

 Foxes and Rabbits 2 by William John Teahan

 Foxes and Rabbits by William John Teahan

 Communication T-T Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Follow Trail by William John Teahan

 Follow and Avoid by William John Teahan

 Flocking with Obstacles by William John Teahan

 Firebreak by William John Teahan

 Entropy Calculator by William John Teahan

 Empty Maze with Wall Following by William John Teahan

 Empty Maze by William John Teahan

 Crowd Path Following by William John Teahan

 Colour Cylinder by William John Teahan

 Chevening House Maze with Wall Following by William John Teahan

 Chevening House Maze with Coloured Islands by William John Teahan

 Chevening House Maze by William John Teahan

 Chatbot by William John Teahan

 Central Park Events by William John Teahan

 Cars Guessing Game by William John Teahan

 Being Kevin Bacon by William John Teahan

 ANZ Continental Drift by William John Teahan

 Agent Animation by William John Teahan

 Wall Following Events by William John Teahan

 Wall Following Example 2 by William John Teahan

 Water Flowing Uphill by William John Teahan

 FinalProject by Joseph Khubelashvili and Patrick Bacon Blabler

 Automated weather warning system for Airports (AWWSA) by Qasim Siddique & Muhammad Hanzala Ali Abbass

 May, 2010
 Helper by aminul haque

 One_Stock_Systems by Marcus D. Gabriel

 Rhythm Simulator by Asymptote

 April, 2010
 cooperazione by Simone Gabbriellini

 cultura by Simone Gabbriellini

 differenziazione by Simone Gabbriellini

 innovazione by Simone Gabbriellini

 MaterialSim Grain Growth by

 Rubik3d by Desi Ariyadhi Suyamto & Aryo Adhi Condro

 Bacteria by Paul Hanson

 ZimmermanArmsTradePrototypev5 by Cody Zimmerman

 Rubicism2 by Desi Suyamto

 Quantum Life I by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 Raster_rent_gap by

 March, 2010
 Trade by Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

 creditcrunch by Peter Thompson

 UFO by Gary Wu

 plant-migration by Desi Suyamto

 February, 2010
 Santa Fe Ant Trail by Loukas Georgiou

 VacancyChains by Guido Fioretti

 lang-evolution-2 by Chuck Cranston

 lang-evolution by Chuck Cranston

 Queueing_Simulation_Discrete_Event by Nick Bennett

 WSN by Qasim Siddique

 EditorDeRedes_0_2 by Francesc J. MIGUEL QUESADA

 Dissemination of Culture by Iain Weaver

 Evacuation of a lecture hall by Alex Bromberger, Tobias Gla

 THC_final by Lisa Boehm, Petra Hutner

 sustainable forestry by M. Eberle / F. Lorych

 Angels and Mortals by Iain Weaver

 January, 2010
 Lake Victoria Complex System Study by Alexander Marlantes

 Cooler Model by Annette Brickley

 Global Carbon Cycle-1 by Annette Brickley

 Freeway Traffic CA by Iain Weaver

 Evolution by Iain Weaver

 ModelMarket by Corey Nyako

 Patch Tools by Talaya White

 December, 2009
 Cornea patch formation by Jerry Rhee

 Growing peppers greenhouse by J.P.M. van Ruijven

 Male_Heirs by Talaya White

 wireless-mobile-Scalefree by Tei Shim

 November, 2009
 PentapalliOnlineVersion by Aldo Martinez-Pinanez

 genetics_applet by Stephen Ratchford

 intelCluser by Mike Borowczak

 October, 2009
 Sugarscape by Iain Weaver - built in NetLogo 4.0.4. Click here for NetLogo 5.1 version.

 Helmets by Anna Klabunde

 barber by Katerina Seifarthova

 reader-no_preference by Katerina Seifarthova

 reader-reader_preference by Katerina Seifarthova

 reader-writer_preference by Katerina Seifarthova

 smoker by Katerina Seifarthova

 conway 3d by Talaya White

 Endogenous Export Modes by Pascal Brki

 Flocking 2 types informed non informed by Cdric Sueur

 September, 2009
 search by M Yasser Chuttur

 Independence vs mimetism by Cdric Sueur

 Zombie Infection 2 by Alex Fink & Sai Emrys

 Linegame by Qasim Siddique

 MyFlocking by Nacho Valladares

 wow marketing spread by Y.H kim

 August, 2009
 gazellen by Robert / Adrian

 testactualgrp5 by MBI Summer Program 2009 NetLogo Group

 Malaria Control by Erin Flanagan

 Plane Warrior by Qasim Siddique

 July, 2009
 OBS by Sifat Momen

 Updated Meeting Scheduling by Qasim Siddique

 ForestFire3 by Qasim Siddique

 SIMflucht_GIUB by Aben, P., Mller, J. Mller, T. Wagner, A.

 June, 2009
 Disease_in_groups by Talaya White

 Flockingcolor by Norman Lee Johnson

 Tag by Talaya White

 Meetingscheduling by Qasim Siddique

 CopyingAndAssociating-2 by Derek A Rush

 GarbageCan_buck by Guido Fioretti

 GarbageCan_docker by Guido Fioretti

 Mb_ants_v2 by Mike

 Voting - Network Knowledge by Nate Wong

 Voting - Network Vote Choice by Nate Wong

 Fire Ecology by Ryan Kelly

 May, 2009
 innovation by Michael Samuels

 Decay01 by lookang

 customerBehavior by Yudi Limbar Yasik

 Fire Simulation by Qasim Siddique

 March, 2009
 modele4 by aissa

 Chess by Corey Haddad

 consumerism project by Benjamin Leventer, Brett Sandler, Alana O'Reilly,

 radattack by Evgeny Patarakin

 taxes 1 by Aaron Adams

 sanger_sequencing by Ted Wong

 February, 2009
 CellMusic-BrainMusic by Asymptote

 Andean_Networks by Luciano Stucchi

 Redes_de_reciprocidad by MaraJos Bustamante

 January, 2009
 SearchResource by Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu

 Sniffing space associations by Tim Ireland

 Greenhouse Effect by Lisa Schultz

 Hardy Weinberg Classroom Model by Kenneth Letendre

 December, 2008
 Tumor - Nutrients by Asymptote

 My own model - cooperative countries by Julia Verhoeven

 November, 2008
 Allostericenzymes by Nicolas Descostes

 M3202-410-DesiSuyamto by Desi Ariyadhi Suyamto

 AxelrodV2 by MIchael Maes and Sergi Lozano

 Extreme Turtle Group 1 by Ian Kettlewell

 October, 2008
 Planetary WeatherSim MultipleContinent by Asymptote

 September, 2008
 CostaPath by Derek Rush

 Ants2 by ellen evers

 Domworld-demo by ellen evers

 Leaf-macro by Edmund Hazzard

 Leaf-micro by Edmund Hazzard

 Watercycle by Edmund Hazzard

 Wire-resistance by Edmund Hazzard

 August, 2008
 Segreg-vs-coord by sebastian Grauwin

 Community Structure v_4 by David W. Rudge and William Merrow

 Population Dynamics_v4 by David W. Rudge and William Merrow

 July, 2008
 Virtual Chemistry by Asymptote

 MDR-model by Jason Bishai

 LevelCrossing ver 2_1 by Ales JANOTA

 June, 2008
 The Bugs of Nyarlathotep by Andre Ourednik

 Retroactive Mechanisms of Segregation by Andre Ourednik

 Global Carbon Cycle by Annette Brickley

 Gottman 1 by Victor Wooddell

 May, 2008
 Wolf Sheep Predation Refuge by Daniel Torrao, Hugo Mendes, Jonathan Marques, Maria Anjo, Melania Falcon & Ruben Cunha

 Colonialism by Desi Ariyadhi Suyamto

 Watercycle1 by Ed Hazzard

 PedestriansV1 by Singhathip Mickal

 April, 2008
 CBNM-simu by Jun Wang

 Grass by Grass growth

 March, 2008
 Marble-Fall-Icosystem-4 by Paolo Gaudiano
This is a model of the "Bean Machine", a simple analog model of howa binomial distribution approximates a Gaussian. Marbles drop froman opening in the top, bounce over several rows of pegs, and are collectedin bins at the bottom. The twist in this case is that pegs can be biased topush marbles left or right, resulting in all sorts of distributions.

 Shopsim-sc by Zhenjiang SHEN, Ping CHEN, Mitsuhiko KAWAKAMI

 Quorum_Sensing by Lus Csar da Costa , Marcelo Trindade dos Santos and Gilson Antnio Giraldi

 February, 2008
 Traffic_Simulation by Andrew Lansdowne

 Copying_and_Associating_1 by Derek Rush

 PopGen_Fishbowl_1 by Thomas C. Jones

 Zombie_Infection_2 by Asymptote

 January, 2008
 Photon_transmissivity_2 by Ted Wong

 March by Elio Marchione

 Miller by Elio Marchione

 SimHeart by Asymptote

 NetLogoGreenHouse by Aaron Unger

 December, 2007
 Randomly_Walking by shashank singh

 SSCrazyPingPong by Serg

 October, 2007
 Mouse_Aorta_Initial_Model by Heather Hayenga

 Urbanization_MC by Andr Ourednik & Pierre Dessemontet

 Games by Carlos Gershenson

 September, 2007
 Homework_highschool by Daniel Kuchta

 Light-Absorption by Ed Hazzard

 Homo_Bellicus by Andrie Kraaij

 Evolutionary_Game_Theory_Big_Bird_Replicator_Dynamic by Jeff Russell

 Evolutionary_Game_Theory_Mayberry_ESS by Jeff Russell

 August, 2007
 SolarSystem-Timer by Ed Hazzard

 Pathfinder by Robert Goldstone

 Cluster by Lubrano Lavadera David Rosario

 MASforSeg by KHOUADJIA Mustapha Redouane

 July, 2007
 Toy_Infection_Model by Gary An

 SAfri_Models by Baba Kofi Weusijana

 Gas_Distillation by George W. Dombi

 June, 2007
 Bifurcacion2 by Abdiel E. Caceres-Gonzalez

 Negotiations by Zvi Vlodavsky. Doron Zarchy

 Climate_change by Ed Hazzard

 margherite by Stefano

 Bug_Hunt_Evolution by Christopher J Whalen

 May, 2007
 forestfire2 by dongxiaofei

 Epidemic_Typhoid_Fever_on_Disaster_Area by Agung Budi Sutiono, MD

 Asteroid_Belt_Game by Mick Censored

 Big_Bang by David Bowen

 Gaslab_Brownian_Motion by David Bowen

 Gaslab_Two_Color_Gas by David Bowen

 Newtonian_Relativity by David Bowen

 April, 2007
 Quantum_Financial_Market by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 SickTown by Gordon McDonald

 AntSystem by Christopher Roach

 LogoMoth by Shawn Barr, Eric Charles, Owen Densmore, Stephen Guerin, & Nick Thompson

 March, 2007
 Bouncing_Ball by David McAvity

 FractalMorph by David McAvity

 Vertical-Evacuation by Susanne Jul

 Wireless-Coop-Mobile by Federico Albiero

 February, 2007
 Example-HPP-3D by Lus Csar da Costa and James Steiner

 Simulation_of_Inelastic_Collision by Sifat Momen

 MEQU by Segismundo S. Izquierdo & Luis R. Izquierdo

 Urban-Transition by lagarias Apostolos

 Recrystallization by Markus Kasim

 January, 2007
 MMG by Cem D

 Final_Preliminary_Model by Benjamin Roberts

 Multi_Exit by Benjamin Roberts

 Network_growth by Malik Kon

 Obstruction_Model by Benjamin Roberts

 ejb6 by Thornton Rose

 web4 by Thornton Rose

 MG_cem_changed by Cem Dilmegani

 December, 2006
 energy-conservation by Sifat Momen

 November, 2006
 Learning and Creativity by Derek A. Rush

 CharityWorld-JASSS by Luis R. Izquierdo

 SpatRain by Desi Suyamto

 October, 2006
 Craps by Amelie Zeng

 September, 2006
 Quicksort by pratik

 August, 2006
 AdoptLearnOnLine by Desi Suyamto

 MusiqueMulti-Agents by Herv Provini

 GarbageCan by Guido Fioretti

 June, 06
 Example-HPP-mod by Luis Cesar da Costa

 Fitness_Landsacape by David McAvity

 Shock2004_Gut_Epithelial_Barrier by Gary An, MD

 DiffusionWithMembraneAsTurtle1 by Gary An, MD

 DiffusionWithMembraneAsPatch1 by Gary An, MD

 May, 2006
 sudoku-solver by Zammu

 multiagent by Marianna Caldana, Paolo Cova ed Umberto Viano

 Reinforcement Learning Maze by Joe Roop

 Reinforcement Learning Wargame by Joe Roop

 April, 2006
 BirdAggression by Josh Rainwater

 2d_parity by hardik

 March, 2006
 Asynchronous_Backtracking_-_binary_random_problems by Ionel Muscalagiu

 February, 2006
 Langtons_Ant_on_Infinite_Plane by Ivan Filippenko

 January, 2006
 ZombieInfection by Alex Fink

 Good_Morning_Turtles_II by Michel Viacroze

 December, 2005
 ABTkernelgraphcoloring-new_interface by Ionel Muscalagiu

 LevelCrossing by Ales Janota

 Level_Crossing by Ales Janota

 THEmazegame by Evan Schwartz and Tom Slater

 Atomic-Force by Corey Haddad

 November, 2005
 WaterfallFluids by Corey

 wirefame 3d by Corey

 Drivers' Behavior In Car Park by Umeyr Kureemun

 mical by mical

 October, 2005
 sudoku by Matt Hellige

 CharityWorld-NL by Luis R. Izquierdo

 September, 2005
 Fishery by Bill Silvert

 August, 2005
 drugsupply by Michael Agar, Stephen Guerin, Owen Densmore

 July, 2005
 05_wegesys_attrakt by Reinhard Konig und Christian Bauriedel

 08_culturesFight09 by Reinhard Konig und Christian Bauriedel

 wegesystem04 by Reinhard Konig und Christian Bauriedel

 Artificial Financial Market II - Tail Risk by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 pestilence by Joe Glessner

 machines-2005 by James Steiner

 June, 2005
 burst by Dr. P. L. Birch

 free-fall by Amelie Zeng

 feedback by Mathew Davies

 worms by Mathew Davies

 May, 2005
 glycogen by Dr. P. L. Birch

 frankmodel-2 by Erjiang Fu

 Lorenz3D by Massimo Salzano

 April, 2005
 OneDimensionalElection by Mary Lynn Reed

 Emotion & Motivation by Derek A. Rush

 3d-cube-maze by James Steiner

 3d-maze by James Steiner

 Shapefactory Model by Erik Johnston, Ning Nan, and Nathan Bos

 March, 2005
 Chemical Equilibrium elaborated by Russ Maurer

 Asynchronous Backtracking-graphcoloring with flags by Ionel Muscalagiu

 February, 2005
 ABT kernel-graphcoloring-derived in Asynchronous Backtracking by Ionel Muscalagiu

 Asynchronous Backtracking-graphcoloring by Ionel Muscalagiu

 SOTL by Carlos Gershenson

 sheep-fussyfemales by Ed Hazzard

 sheep-mutation by Ed Hazzard

 sheep-populationA by Ed Hazzard

 sheep-populationB by Ed Hazzard

 sheep-populationC by Ed Hazzard

 sheep-selection by Ed Hazzard

 LNmodel127-articleVersion by Rob Koper

 ABT kernel -graphcoloring-derived in Distributed Dynamic Backtracking by Ionel Muscalagiu

 ABT kernel-graphcoloring-derived in Asynchronous Backtracking-Yokoo-with temporary links by Ionel Muscalagiu

 ABT kernel-graphcoloring by Ionel Muscalagiu

 January, 2005
 AWCS with nogood processor centralized for the graph-coloring problem by Ionel Muscalagiu

 Simulation de la recherche de nourriture par les fourmis (Ant Food Search Simulation) by Aurélien Saint Dizier

 Recherche du plus court chemin entre plusieurs villes (Traveling Salesman Problem) by Aurélien Saint Dizier

 Formation du cercle (Circle Formation) by Aurélien Saint Dizier

 NukeSnake by Jim Lyons

 economicexchange by rinke Hoekstra

 December, 2004
 organizer2 by Kazmer Karadi

 November, 2004
 AWCS with the resolved-based learning for the graph-coloring problem by Ionel Muscalagiu

 lac operon by Steven Brewer

 Unknown Gene Expression by Steven Brewer

 Logical Promoter by Steven Brewer

 October, 2004
 ball-fall-2004 by James Steiner

 chain-of-fools-2004 by James Steiner

 ABTkernel by Ionel Muscalagiu

 DisDBgraphcoloring by Ionel Muscalagiu

 DisDBnqueens by Ionel Muscalagiu

 cruise by Owen Densmore

 Bignum_Routines by Michael Kuyumcu

 September, 2004
 Drugtalk by Michael Agar

 hypercycle by Joerg Hoehne

 August, 2004
 HIVSIM by Wilfred Ndifon

 accurate_clock by Erik Johnston

 tictactoe by Bertram Zinner

 June, 2004
 DrugPropagation by Robert Rohrkemper and Josh Savory

 May, 2004
 ProteinSynthesis by John Van Heukelem

 ElFarolBarProblem by Mark Garofalo

 Innate Immune Response by Gary An

 Binary Counter by Teresa Carrigan

 April, 2004
 StackMachine by Teresa Carrigan

 5 Short-term-memory-voters by Michael Kuyumcu

 beergame by Owen Densmore

 March, 2004
 bloodcells by Elio Ramos

 ThermicRXN by Mitchell Hull

 Genetics and Cellular Automata by Theodore G. Wong

 cracks-2004 by James Steiner

 drawing-tool-2004 by James Steiner

 maze-maker-2004 by James Steiner

 watershed by James Steiner

 February, 2004
 Virus2 by Marco J. de Vries

 connect4 and CONNIE by Derek Rush

 January, 2004
 Polygons by Luca Dentis

 DiscreteLife by Van Parunak

 December, 2003
 Lissajous by Paul Rieger

 Court of the honeybee queen by Thomas Schmickl

 layout by Owen Densmore

 recursive-trees by Scott Moore

 turtle-ecology by Scott Moore

 Artificial Financial Market by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 November, 2003
 connect4 by Michael C Gizzi

 Building and Sorting by Thomas Schmickl

 Herding by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 Predator-mediated coexistence by Felix Baerlocher

 Growth of Plants by Thomas Schmickl

 Slime Mold Behavior by Thomas Schmickl

 Daisyworld by Thomas Schmickl

 October, 03
 Small World Tester by Stuart Astill

 new_wealth_distribution by Michael Gizzi, Richard Vail, and Tom Lairson

 Flocking color by Norman L Johnson

 josephson-cooperative by Sabino Maggi

 radar by James Steiner

 clusterdetect by Robert Jan Klomp

 sipd by Kazmer Karadi

 ARS-Genetics by Thomas Hills

 BinaryGA by Thomas Hills

 HopfieldLearning by Thomas Hills

 sopgm by Kazmer Karadi

 September, 2003
 Contours & Sections by Derek Rush

 Queuing Systems by Jem Garnett

 Buttons by Owen Densmore

 August, 2003
 drawing-tool by James Steiner

 The Dowry Puzzle by Felix Baerlocher

 Spirals & Curve Matching by Derek Rush

 Neteffect by Gianfranco Barone

 Sitsim by Nigel Gilbert

 June, 2003
 EasyMoney by Derek Rush

 PileOfSand by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 Nonogram by Robert Holmes

 Entropy by Dylan Evans

 May, 2003
 DeterminableComplexity by Derek Rush

 April, 2003
 Canal by Derek Rush

 OilEdit by Suhaib

 OptimismAISB2 by Dylan Evans

 March, 2003
 Vehicles by Kazmer Karadi

 TailModel by James Steiner

 February, 2003
 MagnetFun by Jerry James

 SolarSystem by Jerry James

 Logistic by Carlos Pedro Gonalves

 Imagination by Derek Rush

 January, 2003
 Ant Space by Tim Brown

 PeerNet by Owen Densmore

 Graze # 1 by Peter Donovan

 December, 2002
 Hillwalker by Derek Rush

 INDIAN by michelle

 November, 2002
 Gliders by Brian Prentice

 September, 2002
 Self-awareness by Derek Rush

 Parity by Nigel Gilbert

 July, 2002
 Walk by Owen Densmore

 Popeq by Derek Rush

 Tumor2 by Arthur Renkwitz

 June, 2002
 AntsOpt by Erich Neuwirth