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Welcome to our site for science interactives for building theory through simulation! This section of our website features a collection of HTML5 interactive pages that allow a user to explore science concepts. The interactive simulations are intended to be used by the individual student or learner who is attempting to further understand the concept. We also provide editable versions of each of the models so students or teachers can remixed and repost their own versions of the simulation or domain specific block-based programming environments to suite their own needs. Below explore some of the environments we have built in this series, such as Thermal Equilibration and Disease Spread. To use a model, click on the phenomenon button: for instance, "Thermal Equilibration" or "Diffusion". Inside the model, explore the phenomena, and our custom programming environment. After exploring the model, try out the "Editable Model", to customized your own version of the model! All of the interactives are NetLogo simulations built in NetTango which allow a user to manipulate an environment with block-based coding and observe the effect of changes upon the simulation. With NetTango, a user can use a custom built, domain specific, blocks-based programming environment to rewrite the simulation to explore how the phenomena work.

Thermal Equilibration

Develop your own theory of particle thermal equilibration.

Thermal Equilibration Editable Model

Simplified Disease Model

Develop your own theory of the diffusion of a disease in this simplified sandbox model.

Model 0 Disease Spread
Model 1 Disease Spread
Model 2 Disease Spread
Model 3 Disease Spread
Model 4 Disease Spread
Model 5 Disease Spread
Editable Model

Disease Model

Develop your own theory of the diffusion of a disease.

Disease Spread Editable Model

Watermelon Biodiversity

Develop your own theory of the pathogen spread across a watermelon patch.

Biodiversity Editable Model

Salt Lake City Earthquakes

Develop your own theory of earthquakes in Salt Lake City, and develop solutions.

Earthquakes Editable Model

Sound Propagation

Develop your own theory of sound propagation through a medium.

Sound Editable Model

Fire Fighting

Develop your own theory of thresholds while fighting fire.

Forest Setup
Forest Fire
Fire Fighting Editable Model


Develop your own theory of diffusion.

Diffusion Setup
Diffusion Simple
Diffusion Editable Model

Diffusion Limited Aggregation (DLA)

Develop your own theory of diffusion limited aggregation.

Diffusion Limited Aggregation Editable Model

Exponential and Logistic Growth

Develop your own theory of exponential and logistic growth.

Exponential Growth Logistic Growth Editable Model

Preferential Attachment

Develop your own theory of preferential attachment.

Preferential Attachment Editable Model

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