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Learning how to create agent-based models with NetLogo takes more than just learning how to write code . The articles below will help you understand important concepts, familiarize yourself with useful tools, and accelerate your learning of agent-based modeling with NetLogo.


Getting started with NetLogo

Learn how to install NetLogo on your computer and start creating your models.

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What is a primitive?

This webpage is all about NetLogo's primitives. But what do we mean by primitive? This article summarizes it for you.

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Common NetLogo error messages and how to fix them

It is frustrating to figure out what an error message means and how to get rid of it. Read this article to learn about most common NetLogo error messages.

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What does each color indicate in NetLogo programming

Some words in a NetLogo code window are blue, some are green, some are brown. Why is this the case? What do those colors indicate?

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The first 11 NetLogo primitives to learn

If you are not sure where to start learning NetLogo, check out this list of the most useful and frequently used primitives in NetLogo. Once you learn these primitives well, you should be able to learn any other primitive easily.

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Shapes and colors in NetLogo

Learn how to customize the look of your models with NetLogo's Turtle Shapes Editor, Link Shapes Editor, and Color Swatches tools.

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