University, secondary, and online courses that utilize NetLogo

Adams Central Middle School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Jonathon Patterson

Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (Tokyo, Japan)
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Design, System with instructor Hisashi Hayashi

Agnes Scott College
Bridge to Business with instructor Thomas Will

Amador Valley High School
Computer Science Principles

American University
Growing Artificial Societies (Econ 450/650) with instructor Alan Isaac
Game Changers: Models, Concepts and Theories to Rethink the World (SIS 106) with instructor Matthew Taylor

Amherst College
Math 14 Mathematical Modeling with instructor Tanya Leise

Aptos Junior High School
8th Grade Science with instructor Emilie Cassar

Australian School of Business
Simulation in the Social Sciences

The Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence
Introduction to AI (VO 501.054/UE 501.096) with instructor Paolo Petta

Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM)
Primera escuela de verano de modelación para la sostenibilidad (First summer school of modeling in sustainability) developed by the Ecology Institute

Arizona State University
Agent-Based Modeling with instructor Marco Janssen
Agent-Based Modeling for Sustainability (SOS 591) with instructor Marco Janssen
Biological Design II (BDE 702) with instructor Antonio Garcia
Foundation Simulation Modeling (EGR 382/SMC 521) with instructor Jennifer Bekki
Public Policy Analysis (PAF 471) with instructor Spiro Maroulis
Introduction to Applied Mathematics for the Life and Social Sciences (AML 100 / SOS 101) with instructor Rachata Muneepeerakul
Seminar on Modeling Complex Systems with NetLogo with instructors Michael Barton, Jacopo Baggio, Ted Pavlic, and Joshua Watts
Social Simulation with instructors Jacopo Baggio and Marco Janssen
Earth Systems Engineering & Management (CEE 400) with instructor Thomas Roberts

Ball High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Wes Foshee

Bangor University (United Kingdom)
Intro to Agent Oriented System (ICP-1025) with instructor William J. Teahan
Computer Systems MSc

Bard College
Introduction to Computing: Simulating Reality (CMSC 115) with instructor Sven Anderson

Bayside Tech Academy
STEM classes with instructor Ed Loeswick

Belmont University
Modeling & Simulation (MTH/CSC 4170) with instructor Andrew Miller

Bemidji State University
Geometry and Technology in the Middle School Classroom (M3066/5066) with instructor Glen Richgels

Bethel College
Computers in the Sciences (IDS233) with instructor Dwight Krehbiel

Bethel College
Agent Based Policy Modeling (Economics 670) with instructor Andreas Pape

Bioscience High School (Phoenix)
Physics, Math, and Engineering classes with instructor Susan B. Wilson

Binghampton University
Agent Based Policy Modeling (ECON509D) with instructor Andreas Pape

Bordeaux University
Modelisation des systemes complexes et environnement with instructor Murat Yildizoglu
Modélisation et simulation économique with instructor Murat Yildizoglu

Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University
Biologically-inspired Multiagent Systems with instructors Wolfgang Heiden and Gerhard Kraetzschmar

Bournemouth University (UK)
Agent Based Modelling (ABM) (Short Course)

Braymer C-4 High School
PLTW AP Computer Science with instructor Charlotte Edmonston

Bridgewater College
Animal Behavior (Biology 440) with instructor Kimberly Bolyard

Brigham Young University, Hawaii
Special Topics in Political Science (POSC 390R) with instructor Troy Smith

Bronzeville High School
IB Biology with instructor Les Nagy

Brooklyn College
Introduction to Multimedia Computing (CISC 1600) with instructor Matthew K. Meyer
Introduction to Multimedia Computing (CISC 1600) with instructor Michael Mandel

Broward County Public Schools
10th grade EOC Biology with instructor Jo A. Combs

Buhach Colony High School
ComSci #0417 with instructor Jorge Sanchez Alejandre

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly)
Earth Science (Physical Science 103) with instructor Aleksandra Wydzga

California State University, Long Beach
Sociology 335 -- Social Psychology with instructor Jeffrey Davis
Complexity and Emergence (Math 309) with instructor Scott Crass

California State University, Sacramento
Modeling and Simulatin (CS 4635) with instructor Russ Abbott

California State University, Los Angeles
Biology 188 -- Evolution with instructor Kirk Lin
Modeling and Simulation (CS 4635) with instructor Russ Abbott

Canberra Grammar School
Year 12 Chemistry with instructor Anna Hills

Canyon High School
Honors Biology with instructor Dan Davis
Physical Science with instructor Dan Davis

Cardiff University (United Kingdom)
Systems Biology (BI3157) with instructors Joanne Lello, Stan Marée, Veronica Grieneisen, and Jim Murray

Capital Christian School
PLTW Computer Science Principles with intructor Lucie Ossola

Capital University
Computational Science I (CSAC 245) with instructor Paula Federico

Carl Sandburg Middle School
7th grade Life Science (IQWST Activate Learning unit: Where have all the creatures gone?) with instructor Jennifer Heilman

Carleton College
The Complexity of Politics (POSC 330) with instructor Greg Marfleet
Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life (5206) with instructor Tony White

Carnegie Mellon University
Modeling Complex Social Systems (88-402) with instructor Russell Golman
Cellular & Systems Modeling (CMU 02-730) (joint course with the University of Pittsburgh) with instructors James Faeder and Christopher Langmead
Computational Modeling of Complex Socio-Technical Systems with instructor Kathleen M. Carley

Carteret High School
Precalculus & Calculus with instructor Jatinder Singh

Case Western Reserve University
Introduction to Information: A Systems and Design Approach (MIDS 301) with instructor Charles McElroy

Castilleja School
Bourn Idea Lab with curriculum coordinator Paulo Blikstein

Catholic Memorial High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Rose Hoffmaan

Centennial High School
PLTW Computer Software Engineering with instructor Colin Smith

Central European University
Agent Based Models with instructors Janos Kertesz and Rosario N. Mantegna

Centro Federal de Educação Tecnológica de Minas Gerais - Brasil
Intro to Computer Engineering with instructor Rogerio Martins Gomes

CIDE (Center for Research and Teaching in Economics, Mexico)
Sociomatics: Structure-Behavior (Sociomática: Estructura-Comportamiento) with instructor Gonzalo Castañeda Ramos

Cincinnati Country Day School
Upper School (Grades 9-12) History with instructor Jeremiah McCall

Clarkson University
Systems Biology (BY659/CS659) with instructor James F. Lynch

Clemson University
Mathematical Modeling (MthSc 450) with instructor Matt Macauley

Colorado Mesa University
Mathematical Modeling (MATH 365) with instructor Dr. Ed Bonan-Hamada

Colorado State University
NatSci 696 Group Study: Environmental Modeling with instructors Andrew Warnock and Ashad Prasad
Graduate Research Methods (AREC570 and Econ530) with instructor John Loomis
Ecological and Social Agent-based Modeling (NR 554/ANTH 554 03([2-2-0]) with instructor Randall Boone
Ecology (LIFE 320) with instructor Randall Boone

Columbia University
Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo: An Introduction (short course) with speaker Gianluca Manzo
Agent-Based Models for Population Health with instructor Melissa Tracy
Beyond Bits and Atoms: Designing Technological Tools For Teaching and Learning (TC MSTU 5197) with instructor Paulo Blikstein
Beyond Bits and Atoms: Designing Technological Tools For Teaching and Learning - Lab (TC MSTU 5199) with instructor Paulo Blikstein
Equity, Ethical and Social Issues in Educational Technology (TC MSTU 4005) with instructor Paulo Blikstein

Concord Academy
Applied Biology: Experimental Biology (BIO302) with instructor John Drew

Concordia University
Political Science 486N/2 AA: Complexity in International Relations with instructor Elizabeth Bloodgood

Crane Middle School
7th/8th grade science (ecology unit) with instructor Caitilin Sheedy

The Cultural Evolution Society
Models of Social Dynamics with instructor Paul Smaldino

Czech Technical University (Prague, Czech Republic)
Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals (BI-ZUM) with instructor Tomas Rehorek
Metody výpočetní inteligence (MI-MVI) with instructor Marcel Jiřina

Dartmouth College
The Science of Anarchy with instructor Seth Frey

David A. Brown Middle School
Middle School Science with instructor Jzaron Mercer

Deming High School
Computer Science (CS108L) with instructor Sandra Almanza

Detroit Catholic Central High School
AP Biology with instructor Jeff Baker

Delft University of Technology
Agent-Based Modeling of Complex Adaptive Systems (Basic) (SPM 9550) with instructor Igor Nikolic
Next Generation Infrastructures with instructors Margot Weijnen and Ernst F. ten Heuvelhof
Agent Based Modeling of complex energy and industrial networks (SPM4530) with instructor I. Nikolic
Agent Based Modelling Simulation in Air Transport (AE4422) with instructor Alexei Sharpans'kykh

Dighton-Rehoboth High School
AP Chemistry with instructor Elizabeth Walsh

Dublin High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software and Engineering

Duke University
Computational Political Science with instructor Robi Ragan

East China Normal University

Eastern Mediterranean University
Multiagent Systems (CMPE539) with instructor Dr. Adnan Acan

Eastern Washington University
Business Simulations (DSCI 448) with instructor Steve Shervais

École Polytechnique de Montréal
Production et logistique distribuées with instructor Alexandre Labelle.

Ecosur (El Colegio de la Frontera Sur)
Sistemas Complejos Socio-Ambientales with instructor Luis García Barrios.

Edison Computech Middle School
Science 8 with Instructor Janet Hubner

Eindhoven University of Technology
Process Modelling and Information Management with instructor A.J. Jessurun

Elmhurst College
Age of Social Networks (FYS-100-27) with instructor James Kulich

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (MA360) with instructors Hong Liu and Matt Ikle

Emory University
Infectious Disease Dynamics (EPI 590R) with instructor Andreas Handel
Epidemiology and Dynamics of STD and HIV Transmission (EPI 550) with instructor Anne Spaulding
Strategic Modeling and Social Dynamics (BUS 354) with instructor Michael Prietula

Endeavor Middle School (an Achievement First school)
5th grade science with instructor Sarah McDonald

ETH (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule) Zürich
Computational Models of Social Systems with instructor Lars-Erik Cederman

Eureka High School
Biology I & Biology II with instructor Michelle Monk

Evanston Township High School
AP Computer Science Principles with instructor Gary Haller

Farmington R-7 Public Schools
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Eric Johnson

Federal University of Vicosa
(ERU792) Special Topics in Modelling and Simulation of Socioeconomic Systems with instructor Roberto Max Protil

Fenestra St Jörgen (Gothenborg, Sweden)
Technology, grade 7-9 with instructor Finn Landegren

Flagstaff Junior Academy
Social Networking with instructor Britton Shepardson

Florida State University
GIS 5306 Environmental Change Modeling with instructor Tingting Zhao
GIS 5106 Advanced GIScience with instructor David Folch

Forest City Regional High School
PLTW courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Jeffrey S. Earle

Franklin Learning Center (School District of Philadelphia)
Biology with instructor Richard Stark

Franklin University (Switzerland)
Introduction to Biology: Genetics, Evolution, and Ecology (BIO 101)

Fresno Pacific University
Microbiology (BIOL 340L) with instructor David Alan Thompson

Furman University
Virtual Worlds (CSC-105-02) with instructor Dr. Philippe Giabbanelli

Gateway High School
Computer Science Principles (PLTW) with instructor Andrew Woods

Geneva Community School
PLTW Computer Science (CCSE) with instructor Rob Showalter

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Ecological Modelling with instructors Katrin Meyer and Kerstin Wiegand

George Fox University
Numerical Methods (MATH 300) with instructor Corban Harwood

George Mason University
Global and International Public Policy with instructor Hilton Root
Introduction to NetLogo (CSS 899-001) with instructor Andrew Crooks
GCH 772 - Social Epidemiology with instructor Cara Frankenfeld
Spatial Agent-based Models of Human-Environment Interactions (CSS 645) with instructor Andrew Crooks
Spatial Agent-based Models of Human-Environment Interactions (GGS 631) with instructor Andrew Crooks
CDS 205- Intro to Agent Based Modeling and Simulation with instructor Robert Axtell

George Washington University
DNSC 6290 (Section 11) Social Network Analytics with instructor Shivraj Kanungo
PHYS 6810 Big Data Analytics with instructor Neil Johnson

Georgetown University
Mathematical Modeling (MAT343-A) with instructor William Harris
Social Network Analysis II (CCTP 717) with instructor Nicole Fernandez

Georgia Institute of Technology
Integrative Core 3: Problem Solving with Computational Models with instructor Eberhard Voit

Georgia State University
Modeling and Simulation Theory and Application (CSC 8840) with instructor Xiaolin Hu

Georgia Tech
Modeling, Simulation, and Military Gaming (INTA 4803, 6742, CS 4343, CSE 6742) with instructors Michael D. Salomone and Mariel Borowitz
Computational Data Analysis: Learning, Mining, and Computation (CSE 6740) with instructor Le Song

Golden View Elementary School
Imagineering (Grades 4-8) with instructor Monica Ehlers

Gonzaga University
Computational Modeling (CPSC 212) with instructor Kathie Yerion

Gonzales High School
Computer Science and Software Engineering (PLTW) with instructor Wendy Fernandez

Grace College and Seminary
General Ecology (ENV 2110 C) with instructor Nathan Bosch

Granada High School
General biology class with instructor Regina Brinker

Grandview C-4 Schools
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Clark Vance

The Grauer School
Environmental Science with instructor Sophia Oller

Green Mountain College
Advanced Quantitative Environmental Analysis (ELA 2105) with instructor Kenneth Mulder

Greenhill School
Vector Calculus and Differential Equations with instructor Barbara Currier

Griffith University
Multiagent Systems (3421ICT) with instructor Alan Liew

The Groton School
Ecology and Advanced Ecology with instructor David Black

Guangya International High School
AP Macroeconomics (T21) with instructor Richard Derbyshire

Guilford College
Biology 112: Integrative Biology: Organisms, Ecology, and Evolution with instructor William Mackin

Gulliver Schools
PLTW courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Dean Morell

Gull Lake High School
PLTW course in Computer Science Software Engineering (1102A & 1102B) for grades 9-12 with instructor Brad Lange

Harvard University
Bio-inspired Distributed and Multi-Agent Systems (CS 266) with instructor Radhika Nagpal
Economics of Discontinuous Change (ECON 1818) with instructor Richard B. Freeman
EcoMUVE project

Hanoi University of Agriculture of Vietnam
Environmental Modelling for Management TM3061) with instructor Bang Tran

Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf
Introduction and practical examples of computer simulations with NetLogo (Einführung und praktische Beispiele zu Computersimulationen mit netLogo) with instructor Eckhart Arnold

Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ, Leipzig, Germany)
Mechanistic Effect Modelling for Ecological Risk Assessment of Chemicals SETAC Winter School Course
Modeling of ecosystem services and landscape functions with instructor Dagmar Haase

Highland Park High School
Algebra II with instructor Deborah Wilson
Reach for the Stars program with instructor Deborah Wilson

Hiram College
Conservation Biology (BIOL 34400)

Hesperia High School
Environmental Issues (10/11/12 grade science class) with instructor Jon Evans

Hewitt Trussville High School
Pre-AP Biology with instructor Kurt Kristensen

Hobart & William Smith Colleges
Earth System Science (GEO 1442) with instructor Nan Crystal Arens

Hólar University College (Iceland)
From Bloom to Gloom (PhD summer course) (at Technical University of Denmark-DTU)

Hopkinton Middle/High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Kate Backman

Houston Community College
Computational Biology for Biology Educators (workshop) with instructors Erin Hodgess, Jeff Krause, Erin McNelis, and Gloria Rendon

Hudson High School
PLTW Course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Randy Hoitink

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Spatial Modelling of the Human-Environment Systems with professor Dr. Tobia Lakes.

Humboldt State University
Teaching Individual/Agent-based Modeling with instructors Volker Grimm, Steve Railsback, and Steve Lytinen

Hunter College High School
CS9: Computer Science for Freshmen

Huston-Tillotson University
Special Topics in Computational Science (COSC4367) with instructor Carolyn L. Golden

Illinois Institute of Technology
Social Networks (COM 383) with instructor Libby Hemphill
Special Topics: Computational Social Science (SSCI 385) with instructor Yuri Mansury

IIT Gandhinagar
Simulating life: Agent based models in Science and Social Science (summer camp program) with instructor Shivakumar Jolad

IIT Kharagpur
Introduction to Complexity, Santa Fe Institute, with instructors Melanie Mitchell and Craig Daniels

Illinois Agricultural Education
FCAE (Facilitating Coordination in Agricultural Education)

Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune
Biology practical

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Research Methodology with instructor Vipin Veetil

Indiana University
Complex Adaptive Systems with instructor Robert Goldstone
The Black Death (H123) with instructor Kalani Craig
Network Science (INFO-I 368) with instructor Fillipo Menczer

Integrated Marine and Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Research (IMBER)
ClimECO3 with instructors Jorge Martinez-Rey and Jacopo Baggio

International Institute of Information Technology, Banglore
Multi Agent Systems with instructor Srinath Srinivasa

Iowa State University
Systems Engineering and Analysis (IE/EE/AERE 565) with instructor Caroline Krejci

ISPOR Short Course Program "Agent-Based Modeling for Economic Evaluations"
ClimECO3 with instructors Jagpreet Chhatwal, PhD and Oguzhan Alagoz, PhD

James C. Enochs High School
Forensic/Biotechnology 3 with instructor Dave Menshew
Forensic/Biotechnology 4 (aka, ROP, Research Methods) with instructor Dave Menshew

James Madison University
Environmental Issues in Science and Technology (GISAT 112) with instructors Jennifer Coffman, Joy Ferenbaugh, Mary Handley, Carole Nash, and Larissa Mark

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Amravati
10th Grade Chemistry with instructor Vasant Pawar

Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz (Germany)
Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour of Animals with instructors Florian Menzel, Susanne Foitzik, Joe Colgan, and Romain Libbrecht

Johnson College Prep
History with instructor Josh Taylor

Johns Hopkins University
Systems Thinking in Public Health with instructors David Bishai and Ligia Paina

Jonesboro High School
PLTW courses in Computer Science and Software Engineering with Instructor Andy Hostetler

Kalamazoo College
Introduction to Complex Systems with instructor Péter Érdi

Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz's Institute of Environmental Systems Science
Applied Systems Sciences 1 with instructor Thomas Schmickl
Module Modelling of Biological Systems (649.060) with instructor Thomas Schmickl
Proseminar on Systems Science and Systems Modeling with instructor Loibl Wolfgang
Practice for System Sciences with instructor Manfred Füllsack

Keio University
Simulation Design with instructors Takashi Iba and Tomoki Furukawazono

Kent State University
Interpreting Social Data with instructor Michael Ball
Behavioral Evolution (BSCI 40520) with instructor Peter Lorch
Life on Planet Earth (BSCI 10002) with instructor Peter Lorch

King's College London
Neuroscience and Psychology BSc

Klaipeda University (Lithuania)
Simulation Modeling (Imitacinis modeliavimas) (P000B061) with instructor Vitalijus Denisovas

Kunskapsgymnasiet (Gothenborg, Sweden)
Environmental and energy science (Miljö och energikunskap) with instructor Finn Landegren

Lafayette College
Introduction to Neuroscience (NEUR 210) with instructor Luis Schettino

Laguna Creek High School
Earth Science with instructor Tova Hensley
IB Biology with instructor Tova Hensley

Lake Superior State University
BIOL337: General Ecology

Lawrence University
Game Theory and Applications with instructor Adam Galambos

Lee County High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Joy Neace.

Longfellow Middle School
6th Grade Science with instructor Sarah Lichey

Los Alamos Middle School
7th Grade Science SWEEP (Solar Wind Energy Education) Program with instructor Naomi Unger

Loyola Marymount University
Advanced Topics in Probability and Statistics (MATH 560) with instructor Dr. Robert Rovetti
Game Theory and Applications (MATH 560) with instructor Dr. Robert Rovetti

Loyola University Chicago
HONR 204D-01H: Science & Society with instructor Dr. Jim Larson

Ludwig Maximilians-Universität München
Models and Simulations II: Signals - Einzelansicht with instructor

Macalester College
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (Comp 484/Neur 484) with instructor Susan Fox
COMP 480 - Bodies/Minds: AI Robotics with instructor Susan Fox

Maggie L. Walker Governor's School
Advanced Math Modeling with instructor Dickson Benesh

Mahidol University
Ecology (SCBI399) with instructors Dr. Sompoad Srikosamatara, Dr. Ananta Srisuphab, and Dr. Piyanuch Silapachote

Malmö University (Malmö, Sweden)
Distributed Intelligent Systems (DA382A) with instructor Gion Koch Svedberg

Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
Introduction to Agent-Based Modelling seminar with instructor Bruce Edmonds

Maple Ridge Secondary School
Information Technology 09/10 with instructor Ted McCain

Maricopa County High School
AP Computer Science Principles with instructor Mighty Chen

Masaryk University (Czech Republic)
Modelling and Simulation (IV109) with instructor Radek Pelánek

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Electronic Projects for Artists II with instructor Dana Moser

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Systems Engineering with instructors Qi Van Eikema Hommes, Pat Hale, and David Erickson

Match Charter Public High School
10th Grade Biology with instructor Bess Thaler

McGill University
INTD497 with instructor Yann le Polain de Waroux

McMaster University
Explorations in Biophysics with instructor Cecile Fradin

McNeil High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Dave Effland

Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada)
Collaborative and Emergent Behavior (Computer Science 2000) with instructors Ed Brown, Antonina Kolokolova, and Todd Wareham

Merrimack College
Artificial Intelligence (CSC 3335) with instructor Lisa Michaud

Mersin University
Simulation Programs (BTS408) with instructor Hurol Aslan

Meru University of Science and Technology
Artificial Intelligence with instructor Abkul Ortto

Mesa State College
Institute for Modeling Complexity with instructor/coordinator Michael Gizzi

Miami Country Day School
High School Chemistry with instructor Jesse Bernstein

Michigan State University
Computation, Complexity and Communication (CAS 892) with instructor Dr. John Sherry
Physical Geography (GEO 206) with instructor N. Moore
Theory and Method of Social Networks (CEP 991B, Seminar) with instructor Ken Frank
Scientific Simulation and Modeling with instructor Bradly Alicea

Middlebury College
Computer Models and Environmental Simulation(CSCI 190) with instructor Matthew Dickerson

Middlesex University London (UK)
Experimental Computer Science (BSc) module with instructor Giuseppe Primiero

Midland University MBA Program
Decision Models with instructor Gina Russell

Midwestern State University
Computational Epidemiology with instructor Tina Johnson

Mississippi State University
Applied Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology (WFA 3133) with instructor Robbie Kroger

Missouri University of Science and Technology
Advanced Engineering Management Science (EMGT 6413) with instructor Dr. Casey Canfield

Monte del Sol Charter School
Chemistry with instructor Rhonda Martinez
New Mexico Computer Science For All

Monash University
Integrated Economic Modelling (ECC3860) with instructor Simon Angus

Montreal AI Ethics Institute
Complex Systems Theory Learning Community with instructors Abhishek Gupta and Heather von Stackelberg

Moundridge School District USD 423
10-12th grade Physics & Chemistry with instructor Adam Robb

Munich Centre of Mathematical Philosophy
Agent-Based Modeling in Philosophy with instructor Conor Mayo-Wilson

National Autonomus University of Mexico
Introduction to Complexity with instructor Carlos Gershenson

Nankai University Business School (Tianjin, China)
System Modeling and Simulation with instructor Clark Wang (Qian Wang)

National Paralegal College
Ideas in Mathematics (MAT 201-1302) with instructor Yael Katz

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine)
Modeling and Prognostication of Social Processes (Master's Program)

National Yang-Ming University (Taiwan)
Introduction to Biomedical Informatics (Topic: In silico Genomics) with instructor Hsuan-Cheng Huang

Natomas Charter School
Biology with instructor Nic Russo
Science 7 and Science 8 with instructor Lucy Coleman

Naval Postgraduate School
Modeling of Societies in Conflict (MV4657) with instructor Dr Steve Hall

New Mexico State University
Large Scale Systems Engineering (Industrial Engineering 537) with instructor Dennis Engi

New York University
Cloudcommuting: Rethinking P2P Urban Mobility Systems with instructor Dimitris Papanikolaouz
Politics in Modern Europe (at London campus) with instructors Michael Laver, Simon Hix (London School of Economics), and Joshua A. Trucker

Nexus International School Malaysia
IB Diploma ITGS

Nijmegen Groenewoud Comprehensive School (Scholengemeenschap)
VWO Computer Informatics with instructor Piet Geelen

Niles West High School
PLTW course in Engineering Technology with instructors Ken Albert, Ben Brzezinski (Niles North), Robb Barton (Niles North) and Brent Garner

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Finite Mathematics (MA368) with instructor Cheryl Gann
Introductory to Complex Systems with instructor Maria Hernandez

North Carolina State University
Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling with instructor Bill Rand

Northeastern High School (Philadelphia)
Game & Interactive Media Design (part of AVID program) with instructor Starpower Ali

Northeastern Illinois University
Modeling and Simulations of Complex Systems (MATH 374) with instructor Anuj Mubayi
Mathematical Modeling of Complex Systems (MATH 374) with instructor Joseph Hibdon, Jr.
Simulation Modeling and Analysis (MATH 472) with instructor Nabil Kahouadji
Mathematical Modeling (MATH 474) with instructor Joseph Hibdon, Jr.

Northern Arizona University
Geographic Thought and Method (GSP 681) with instructor Jessica Barnes

Northern Illinois University
Environmental Biology (BIOS 106) with instructor Carl von Ende

Northern Kentucky University
Applied Mathematical Models (MAT 375) with instructor Gail Mackin

Northwest High School (Opelousas, Louisiana)
PLTW AP Computer Science Principles with instructor David Reed

Northwestern University
Center for Talent Development (Saturday Enrichment Program) with TJ Leone
Designing and Constructing Models with Multi-Agent Languages with instructor Uri Wilensky
Design of Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning with instructor Uri Wilensky
Earth: A Habitable Planet (CIV ENV 201/ENVR SCI 201) with instructor Patricia Beddows
Introduction to Complex Networks (ESAM 395) with instructor Dirk Brockmann
Modeling Organizations with instructors Spiro Maroulis and Rick Orlina
Marketing Mix with instructor Prof. Martin Block
Reach for the Stars (high school and middle school program) with instructors Vicky Kalogera, Michelle Paulsen, Kemi Jona, Laura Trouille, Megan Morscher, Darren Gergle, and Daryl Haggard
Social Network Analysis with instructor Noshir Contractor
Social Sciences and Methods (MMSS 311-2) (MMSS Program) with instructor Jason Seawright
Intro to Astrophysics (AWE CTD course)
Machine Learning (EECS 349) with instructor Douglas Downey
Web Analytics (Predict 352) with instructor Thomas Miller

Ogallala High School
Biology I & II with instructor Byron Korf

Ohio State University
Topics in GIS (Geography 5224) with instructor Harvey Miller
Spatial Simulation and Modeling in GIS (GEOG 5226) with instructor Harvey Miller
Introduction to Agent-Based Modeling Using NetLogo with instructor Virginia Nivar
Spatial Simulation and Modeling (GEOGR 5221) with instructor Harvey Miller
Biological Sciences: Form, Function, Diversity, and Ecology (Biology 1114)with instructor Calinger-Yoak
Behavioral Ecology (EEOB 3420) with instructor Ian Hamilton

Old Dominion University
Agent-Based Modeling & Simulation for International Studies (IS 795/895) with instructor David C. Earnest
Complexity in Engineering Management (ENMA 751) with instructor Nima Shahriari
Modeling Global Events (MSIM 772/872) with instructors John Sokolowski and Catherine Banks
Modeling and Simulation in Life Sciences (BIOL 772/872) with instructors Holly Gaff and Erika Frydenlund
Cyber Systems Engineering (ENMA 670) with instructors Adrian V. Gheorghe, ​Mamadou D. Seck., and ​C. Ariel Pinto

Olivet Nazarene University
Computing Foundations for Scientists with instructor Kevin Brewer

Online Courses - open courseware resources in:
Computer Science
Web Design
Information Technology
Criminal Justice

Ontario High School
PLTW AP Computer Science Principles with instructor Ryan Roulston

Open University of Sri Lanka
Artificial Intelligence Techniques (ECI6265) with instructor KGHUW Rathnayake

Oregon State University
Computational Economics (AREC 627) with instructor Yong Chen
Geographic Information Systems and Science (Geo 565) with instructor Jim Graham
Scientific Methods for Analyzing Natural Resource Problems (NR 325) with instructor Christopher J. Still

Orem High School
General Biology with instructor Todd Mower

Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg
Modeling of social and economic processes with instructor Johannes Marx and Kai Fischbach

Ozark High School
PLTW Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Kevin Clevinger

Ozona Elementary
5th grade science with instructor Kristina Read

Pacifica High School
Biology with instructor Jared Penland

Palm Springs Community Middle School
6th grade Advanced Science (IQWST curriculum) with instructor Britni Rayman

Parkland High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE)

Patterson Lakes Primary School
Collaboration with an ICT scientist from CSIRO with instructor Helene Bearup

Paxton Buckley Loda High School
Industrial Technology with instructor Ed Nieman

Peking University
World Economic History (02533490) with instructor Lemin Wu

Penn High School
PLTW course in Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Rodrigo Anadon

Peñasco Elementary School
Project GUTS with instructor Aaron Mitchell

Penn State University
Modeling in Medicine and Biology (Math/Bio 497A) with instructor Tim Reluga
Intelligent Agents and Distributed Decision Making (IST 555) with instructor Carl Cotner
Intro to MIS research (SCIS505) with instructor Akhil Kumar
Intelligent Agents and Distributed Decision Making (IST 555) with instructor Carl Cotner

Penobscot East Resource Center
CAS projects with Marine Sciences Dept. at University of Maine at Orono

Pepperdine University (School of Public Policy)
Seminar in Economic Policies: Criminal Justice (MPP 627) with instructor Angela Hawken

Philip. O. Berry Academy of Technology
Project Lead The Way (PLTW) sponsored Computer Science Principles (CSP) course with instructor Dr. Eddy R. Malave

Phoenixville Area High School
Physics (AP and Honors) with instructor Gerard Jennings

Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris, France
Introduction aux Agents Cognitifs et Autonomes (Introduction to Cognitive and Autonomous Agents)(IAA) with Professor Jean-Daniel Kant

Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
with instructors Alberto De Marco, Carlo Rafele, and Giovanni Zenezini

Polytechnic University of Catalonia
Mathematics for Video Game Design with Professor Ryan Seelbach
Physics I for Video Game Design with Professor Ryan Seelbach
Physics II for Video Game Design with Professor Ryan Seelbach

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Sistemas innovativos de diseño sismo-resistente (ICE3753) with instructor Juan Carlos de la Llera

Pope John Paul II High School (Hendersonville, Tennessee)
Advanced Biology course (Energy in the Environment Ecology unit) with instructors Jennifer Dye and Shara Bellamy

Portland State University
Exploring Complexity in Science and Technology (CS 346U/SySc 346U) with instructor Wayne Wakeland
Agent Based Simulation Graduate Course with instructor Melanie Mitchell
Agent Based Simulation course (SYSC 525) with instructor Wayne Wakeland
Intro to Complexity (Fall, 2016) with instructor Melanie Mitchell
Systems Thinking for Business (SySc 510STB) with instructor Richard Jolly
SYSC 332U: Introduction to Agent Based Modeling with instructor Garry Sotnik
SYSC 525/625: Agent Based Simulation with instructor Wayne Wakeland
SYSC 431/531: Data Mining with Information Theory with instructor Martin Zwick
SYSC 452/552: Game Theory with instructor Wayne Wakeland
SYSC 410/510: Environmental Systems Modeling & Simulation with instructor Wayne Wakeland
SYSC: Modeling Social-Ecological Systems with instructor Gary Sotnik

Prairie View Elementary (Mead School District No. 54, Spokane, WA)
5th Grade Science (Landforms unit) with instructor Craig Griffith

Presbyterian College
Environmental Sciences program with director John C. Inman

Princeton University
Integrative Dynamics of Animal Behavior (EEB 323) with instructor Iain Couzin
Social Networks (Soc 204) with instructor Matthew J. Salganik

Project Lead the Way (STEM Curriculum Provider for Middle-High Schools)
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Providence College
Environmental Biology (BIO 121-3) with instructor Barbara K. Sullivan-Watts

Purdue University
System-of-Systems Modeling & Analysis (AAE 560) with instructor Daniel DeLaurentis
It's a Complex World: Addressing Global Challenges (HONR 399) with instructors Dr. Thomas Mustillo, Dr. Ananth Grama, Dr. Eric Nauman, and Dr. Abhi Deshmukh
Introduction to Human Evolution (ANTHRO 204) with instructor Michele Buzon
Perspectives on Systems (SYS5000) with instructor Joaquin Goni Cortes

Quest Charter High School
PLTW Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Todd Durham

Ridgewood High School
Chemistry and Physics with instructor Patrick Sweeney

Radford University
Business Strategy Dynamics with instructor Iain Clelland

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World with instructor Andreas Flache
Introduction to Sociology (Inleiding Sociology)) with instructor Andreas Flache
Social Facts and Behavior (UC_LAS2_C2) with instructor Andreas Flache
Self-organisation, Cognition and Social Systems with instructor Charlotte Hemelrijk
Advanced Self-organisation of Social Systems with instructor Charlotte Hemelrijk

Rose Park Christian School
5th grade science with instructor Ellen Jacobs

Rungsted Gymnasium, Denmark
High School Biotechnology and Chemistry, Level A (university level) with instructor Mikkel Jønsson

Ryerson University
A Short Course in NetLogo with instructor Catherine Beauchemin

Sage Creek High School
Biology 1-B with instructor Courtney Goode

San Diego State University
Python for Social Scientists (Linguistics 572) with instructor Jean Mark Gawron

San Jose State University
EcoComputing with instructor Jon Pearce
Introduction to Computers (CS 040) with instructors Fain Butt instructors Kathleen O'Brien

Santa Fe Institute
Exploring Complexity in Science and Technology (Short Course) with program director Melanie Mitchell
Introduction to Agent Based Modelling with instructor Bill Rand
Introduction to Complexity with Professor Melanie Mitchell
Fundamentals of NetLogo with instructor Bill Rand
New Mexico Computer Science For All K-12 outreach program with SFI regional coordinator Maureen Psaila-Dombrowski
Computer Science for All (UNM CS-108L), dual credit with Santa Fe High Scool & Community College, with instructors Brian Smith, Maureen Psaila-Dombrowski, and Irene Lee

Scuola Superiore di Catania (Catania, Italy)
Systems Thinking with instructor Francesco Gonella

Second Annual French Complex Systems Summer School
Complex Systems Made Simple: A Hands-on Exploration of Agent-Based Modeling with instructor Rene Doursat

Seoul National University
Evolutionary Biology for Majors with instructors Chongwook Park and Jablonski Piotr

Simpson College
Environmental Issues (Biol 103) with instructor Lynn McCartney

Skidmore College
Evolutionary Economics (EC 336) with instructor Sandra Goff

Skema Business School (Sophia Antipolis, France)
General Ecology (BAC.EAINA.OTBIO.2530) with instructor Christophe Mocquet

Skyline High School
Biology with instructor Elliot Quinton

Smackover High School
PLTW course in AP Computer Science Principles with instructor Tami Philyaw

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Sustainable Engineering (CEE 425/525) with instructor Jennifer L. Benning

Southern Methodist University
Paradise Lost? The Archaeology and Ethics of Human Impacts on the Environment (ANTH 3384) with instructor Christopher I. Roos

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Agent-Based Systems with instructor Henry Hexmoor

Southern Middle School (Maryland)
Life Science with instructor Matthew Klapper

Southwest Jiaotong University
Performance-Based Egress Design with instructor Jian Ma

St. Croix Lutheran
Computer Science Principles 0597 (PLTW) with instructor David Tess

Stellenbosch University (South Africa)
Capita Selecta: Agent-Based Modelling / Capita Selecta: Agent-Based Simulation (12723-771) with instructor Linke Potgieter

St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School
7th-8th Grade Science with instructor Rebecca Mierendorf

Stanford University
Beyond Bits and Atoms: New Technologies for Creative Learning (EDUC 236X-CS 402) with instructor Paulo Blikstein
Complex Systems Lab (BIO 131) with instructors Marcus Feldman, Oana Carja, and Mark D. Longo
Introduction to Research in Ecology (BIO47) with instructor Daria Hekmat-Scafe
Mathematics of Complexity (BIO 131) with instructors Diamantais Sellis, Oana Carja, Joel Thompson, and Mark D. Longo
Social and Information Network Analysis (CS224W) with instructor Lada Adamic

Stanton College Prep
IB Biology I & II with instructor Betancourt

Stevens Institute of Technology
Decision and Risk Analysis (SYS 660)
ME 345: Modeling and Simulation with instructor Frank Fisher
Simulation and Modeling (SYS 611) with instructor Robert Edson

Stockton University
Agent-Based Modeling (CPLS 5420) with instructor Clifton Baldwin

St. Croix Lutheran High School
PTLW: Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSE) with instructor David Tess

Stuyvesant High School
Introduction to Computer Science 1
AP Computer Science

Suffolk University
Ants, Rumors and Gridlocks (CMPSC-F107-AE) with instructor Dmitry Zinoviev

Sumner High School
Physics, 9th Grade Lab Science, & Molecular Biology with instructor Kyle Spane

SUNY (State University of New York) Brockport
Scalable Games Design (CPS 105) with instructor Leigh Little
Computational Math, Science, and Technology (CMST) Tools (NAS 401/501) with instructor Leigh Little

SUNY (State University of New York) Buffalo
Spatial Simulation Seminar (GEO503) with instructor Andrew Crooks

SUNY (State University of New York) New Paltz
SED543 Science in the Secondary School with instructor Rosemary Millham

SUNY (State University of New York) Old Westbury
Methods and Materials of Teaching Science (ED 6082) with instructor Fernando Espinoza
Literacy and Technology in Teaching Science (ED 6092) with instructor Fernando Espinoza

Sutherland Middle School (Albemarle County Public Schools)
8th Grade Physical Science with instructor Beth Evans

Susquehanna University
Multi-agent Modeling in the Natural and Social Sciences (CSCI 200) with instructor Jeffrey A. Graham

Supelec Institute
SI-16: Introduction to Multi-Agent Systems with instructor Nicolas Sabouret

Sweet Briar College
Biomathematics (BIOL/MATH 320) with instructor Raina Robeva
Mathematical Modeling (MATH 342) with instructor Raina Robeva

TC Williams High School
Biology for ELL Students with instructor Tamara G. Molina

Taos High School
Computer Science/ Programming 3 with instructor Tracy Galligan

Technical University of Denmark (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet)
Aquatic Science and Technology with instructor Brian MacKenzie

Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg)
Projektseminar Simulationen im Controlling und Rechnungswesen with instructor Matthias Meyer

Technische Universität Berlin
Biodiversity Dynamics I and II with instructors Stephanie Kramer-Schadt and Tobias Kürschner

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Process management in Urban planning and development (7C510) with instructors Qi Han and Joran Jessurun

Tecnological de Monterrey
Regional Economics with instructor Victor Aramburu Cano

Texas A&M University
Design and Analysis of Algorithms (CPSC 411) with instructor Jennifer Welch

Texas State University
Geocomputation  (GEO 7364) with instructor Tzee-kiu Edwin Chow

Texas Tech University
Computational Physics  (PHYS 4301/5322) with instructor Igor Volobouev
Complex Networks and Network Mining (CS 5331) with instructor Mahshid R. Naeini

Tor Vergata University (Rome)
Fundamental Ecology and Statistics and Data Analysis with instructor Michele Scardi

Tracy High School
Computer Modeling in Geometry with instructor Richard Newton
International Baccalaureate program (Advanced Chemistry IB SL. Physics IB SL, Advanced Biology 2 IB HL) with project coordinator/instructor Dean Reese

Triopa Grade School
Computer Modeling in Geometry 5th and 6th Grade Science with instructor Kelly Johnson

Truman State University
Bio-Inspired AI (CS 484) with instructor Alan Garvey

Tucker High School
IB Biology with instructor Melissa Smith
AP Biology with instructor Melissa Smith

Tulane University
Multiagent Modeling (COLQ 201) with instructor Harry Howard

Tulare Union High School
Biology & Physical/Earth Science with instructor Renee Morrison

United States Military Acacdemy (West Point)
Mathematical Modeling with instructor Frank Watternberg
Verification, Validation, and Accreditation of Army Models and Simulations (M&S)

United States Naval Academy
Six Sources of Collapse (SM473) with instructor Will Traves

Universidad Andina del Cusco
Neuroscience with instructors Grace Pardo and Enver Oruro

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Sustainability evaluations in rural and urban environments with instructors Carlos Gonzalez Esquivel and Marta Astier

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Modelización de sistemas biológicos with instructor Angel Merchán Pérez

University College Dublin
Social Models and Simulations (SOC40640) with instructor Dr Pablo Lucas

University of Adelaide
Grand Challenges in Computer Science with instructor Brad Alexander
Modeling and Analysis of Complex Systems (COMPSCI 7408) with instructor Claudia Szabo

University of Alabama, Huntsfield
Agent-based Computational Economics (ECN 499) with instructor Allen W. White

University of Alabama, Huntsville
Survey of Modeling and Simulation (MOD 501) with instructor Gregory Reed

University of Alaska, Anchorage
Introduction to Complexity (CPLX/BIOL A200-052) with instructor David Wooten

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Interdisciplinary Modeling of High Latitude Global Change (BIOL 676) with instructor A. David McGuire

University of Arizona, The
Complex sytems and networks (ECOL496H/596H) with instructor Anna Dornhaus
Agent Based Simulation (ECE 408) with instructor Dr. Miklos Szilagyi

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
Computational Intelligence in Archaeology
Estudi de casos de biologia ambiental (Case Studies in Environmental Ecology) with instructor Bernat Claramunt i López

University of Auckland
ENVSCI 704: Modelling of Environmental and Social Systems with instructors David O'Sullivan and George Perry

University of Augsburg, Germany
Self-Organizing, Adaptive Systems with instructor Alexander Schiendorfer
Self-Organizing, Embedded Systems with instructor Wolfgang Reif, Oliver Kosak, and Alexander Schiendorfer

Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Azcapotzalco (Mexico)
Agentes Inteligentes y Sistemas Multiagentes with instructor Leonardo Garrido
Social Systems Models (PhD Seminar) with instructor Felipe Lara-Rosano

Universitat de Barcelona
Distributed Artificial Intelligence with instructor Maite Lopez Sanchez

University of Bath
Intelligent Control & Cognitive Systems (CM30229 & CM50230) with instructor Joanna J. Bryson

University of Belgrade
Individual Differences (Psychology)

University of Birmingham
Masters Class: Introduction to agent-based modeling in social sciences and biosciences with instructors Dietmar Heinke and Jan-Ulrich Kreft
Agent-based modelling using MATLAB (module) with instructor Shan He

Università di Bologna
Complex Systems with instructor Ozalp Babaoglu

University of British Columbia
Dynamic Modelling of Human-Environment Systems (BIOL444/EESC444/BIOL544/ ENVI544) with instructor Lael Parrott
Biological Diversity and Forest Management (FRST495)
Dynamic Modelling of Human-Environment Systems (EESC 444 or BIO 444) with instructor Dr. Lael Parrott

Universidad de Buenos Aires
Taller de redes, juegos y territorios with instructor Mario Kiektik

University of Calgary (Canada)
Emergent Computing (CPSC565) with instructor Christian Jacob

University of California, Berkeley
Modeling-Based Methodology for Design, Learning, and Research; and Learning Chance: Computer-Supported Inquiry into Probability
Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science (EDUC 130) with instructor Dor Abrahamson

University of California, Davis
Advanced Modeling of Political Behavior: Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems (Political Science 282) with instructor Kyle Joyce
Complex Systems (CMN 282) with instructor Martin Hilbert
Computational Social Science (CMN 150V) with instructor Martin Hilbert
Computational Social Science Capstone Project with instructor Martin Hilbert
Computer Simulations (Coursera) with instructor Martin Hilbert
Ecology and Agriculture (ECL 290) with instructor Neal Williams
Introduction to Sustainable Agriculture (PLS 15) with instructor Neal Williams
Technology in the Classroom (EDU 180)

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Computers in Education with instructor Noel Enyedy
Social Networking (Comm 132) with instructor Peter John Lumberton

University of California, Merced
Computational Biology for Biology Educators (workshop) with instructors Alaena Alilin, Ananth Kalyanaraman, Jeff Krause, Jo-Anne Rodriguez, and Masa Watanabe
Agent-Based Modeling (COGS 122) with instructor Paul Smaldino

University of California, Riverside
Introductory Evolution and Ecology (BIOL 005C) with instructor Joseph G. Morse

University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
Literature+ Cross-Disciplinary Models of Literary Interpretation (Graduate Course) with instructor Alan Liu
Introduction to Ecology (EEMB 120) with instructor Sally Holbrook

University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)
Computer Programming for the Arts (DANM 220) with instructor Ralph Abraham
Evolutionary Game Theory (CMPS272) with instructor Manfred Warmuth

University of California, San Diego (UCSD)
Distributed Cognition (COGS 102A) with instructor Edwin Hutchins

University of California, Santa Fe
Complex Dynamical Systems (Ross Institute) with instructor Ralph Abraham

Université Catholique de Louvain
Epidemiology (WESP2121) with instructor Speybroeck Niko

University of Central Florida
Advanced Agent-Based Modeling (ESI 6535) with instructor Ivan Garibay
Complex Adaptive Systems (CAP6675) with instructor Ivan Garibay
Complex Adaptive Systems (CAP 6675) with instructor Annie Wu

University of Chicago
Mathematical Modeling for Pre-Med Students (BIOS 20172) with instructor Esmael Haddadian

University College of London
Modelling of spatial diffusion and dispersal processes in social science (Summer School Seminar) with instructor Luke Premo

University of Colorado, Boulder
Computational World (CSCI 1240-001) with instructor Michael Eisenberg

University of Costa Rica
Computational Paradigms(CI-1441) with instructor Alvari de la Ossa

University of Delaware
Introduction to Systems Biology with instructor Prasad Dhurjati
Math460/CHEG667 with instructors Prasad Dhurjati, Pak-Wing Fok, and Abhyudai Sing

University of Denver
Interactive Art and Design (EDPX 3320/4320) with instructor Timothy Weaver
Systems Thinking for the Social Scientist (INTS 4575) with instructor Dale Rothman

University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
Cognitive Psychology: Planning and Problem Solving (Masters program) with instructor David Tobinski

University of Essex
3P Agent-Based Models with instructor Darren Schreiber

University of Exeter (United Kingdom)
Evolution of Social and Organizational Behaviour (ABH3210) with instructor Joah Madden
Advanced Topics in Math: Complex Systems (MAT590) with instructor Panama Geer

Universidade Federal do Rio di Janeiro
Modelagem computacional baseada em agentes (agent based modeling) utilizando o NETLOGO e sua possibilidades educacionais with instructor Fábio Ferrentini Sampaio

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Inteligência Artificial Avançada (INF 5004) with instructor Ana Lúcia C. Bazzan

Universidad Francisco Marroquín
Taller de Ingeniería II: Juegos probabilistas y Simulación de Colas (SI105) with instructors Tuncho Granados and Carlos Pérez

University of Gent
CSI-ABM Summer School: Agent-Based Modeling in Economics with instructor Aaron Bramson

University of Georgia
Methods for Science Teaching (EMAT 4460) with instructor Georgia Hodges
Modeling Infectious Diseases (EPID/ECOL/IDIS 8515, an advanced graduate course)
Technology for Science Teaching (ESCI 4480) with instructor Daniel Capps
Computer Simulations of Infectious Diseases with instructor Andreas Handal

University of Granada, Spain
"Redes y Sistemas Complejos" (Complex Networks and Systems) with instructor Oscar Cordón Garcia

University of Groningen, the Netherlands
Decision Making in a Complex and Uncertain World with instructor Lex Hoogduin

University of Haifa
Learning about Complex Systems with instructor Sharona Levy
Reasoning and Learning with Computer-Based Models with instructor Sharona Levy

Universität Hamburg
Modelle der Mensch-Umwelt-Interaktion with instructor Jürgen Scheffran and P. Michael Link

University of Hartford
Complexity Economics with instructor Jane Horvath

University of Havana
Mathematical modeling of biological systems with instructor Dennis Denis

University of Hawaii, Hilo
Maui Akamai Summer Internship Program with instructor John Coney

University of Hawaii, Manoa
NREM 691 Special Topics summer course.

Universität Heidelberg
Agentenmodelle in der Physio- und Humangeographie with instructor Julian Hagenauer

University High School, Fresno
Chemistry with instructor Brenda Royce

University of Houston
Systems Thinking (FUTR6333) with instructor Peter Bishop

University of Huelva (Spain)
Intelligent Agents with instructor Miguel Angel Rodriguez Roman

University of Kentucky
BIO 325 Ecology course (Honor section) with instructor Philip Crowley

Universität zu Köln
Terrestial Ecology with instructor Michael Bonkowski
Künstliche Intelligenz (Artificial Intelligence) II with instructor Claes Neuefeind

University of Idaho
Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming (CS 112) with instructor Terence Soule

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Institute for STEM Literacy through Computational Simulation
Digital Humanities with instructor Jana Diesner
IB 535 CIT: Biology and Tech Innovation with instructor Marianne Alleyne
Integrative Biology 150 with instructor Benjamin Clegg
NRES 219: Principles of Ecosystem Management with instructor Anthony Yannarell

University of Illinois at Chicago
LRSC 512: Design of Learning Environments with instructors Josh Radinsky and Mike Stieff
UPP 463: Introduction to Complexity-Based Models with instructor Moira Zellner
Introduction to Data Science (CME594) with instructor Sybil Derrible

University of Iowa
Honors Seminar on International Politics (Protest and Coercion) (POLI:4500) with instructor Kelly M. Kadera

University of Kent (UK)
Biology Project (BI600) with instructor Peter Klappa
Ecology (BIO 325-001) with instructor Philip Crowley

University of Kentucky
Laboratory for Introductory Biology 1 with instructor Dr. Madhu Srinivasan

Universidad de Los Andes
Applications and Evolutionary Theory in Organizations/ Aplicaciones y Teoría Evolutiva en las Organizaciones with instructor Camilo Olaya

University of Macedonia (Greece)
Agent-Oriented Programming with instructor Ilias Sakellariou

University of Maine
Modeling Sustainability (ECO 581) with instructor Tim Waring

Universität Mannheim (Germany)
Agent Based Modeling with instructor Gianluca Manzo

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Computation, Complexity, and Emergence (HONR 300/CMSC 491) with instructor Marie des Jardins

University of Maryland, College Park
BSCI 126 - Pollinators in Crisis with instructor David Hawthorne
CMSC 289I - Rise of the Machines with instructor James Reggia

University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Advanced Systems Ecology (ECO 777) with instructor John T. Finn
Modeling Emergence: Computer Simulation as a Theory-Building Tool - An Institute for Social Science Research two-day summer workshop
MIE 290H - HIV, TB, and Malaria: Simulation Modeling with instructor Chaitra Gopalappa

University of Massachusetts-Boston
Research Methods II (PPOL-G 704) with instructor Michael Johnson

University of Massachusetts, Darmouth
Biotransport (BNG 312) with instructor Paul Calvert

University of Mauritius
AI Principles with instructor Nitish Chooramun

University of Melbourne
Computational Modelling and Simulation (COMP90083) with instructor Nic Geard
Modelling Complex Software Systems (SWEN40004) with instructor Timothy Miller

University of Michigan
Agent-Based Modeling (CMPLXSYS 270) with instructor Patrick Grim
(ENVIRON 317) with instructor Johannes Foufopoulos
Applied Ecosystem Modeling (EAS 545) with instructor William Currie
Complex Systems Models in the Social Sciences with instructors Daniel Katz and Kyle Joyce as part of ICPSR
Model Thinking with instructor Scott E Page
Political Modeling (PoliSci 891) with instructor Scott E Page
PUBPOL 250: Social Systems, Energy, and Public Policy with instructor Irving Salmeen
Social Network Analysis with instructor Lada Adamic

Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo
Matemáticas para describir el cambio (XXI Encuentro de Profesores de Matemáticas de nivel medio superior) (wokshop of undergraduate-mathematics professors)

Università di Milano Bicocca
Teoria dei Sistemi (System Theory) with instructor Alberto Dennunzio

University of Minerva at KGI
Empirical Analysis(NS50)

University of Minnesota
ANTH 3002: Sex, Evolution, and Behavior: Examining Human Evolutionary Biology with instructor Michael Wilson
Spatial Analysis and Modeling: Focus on Agent-Based Modeling with instructor Steven Manson
PSTL 1525V First-Year Inquiry: Multidisciplinary Ways of Knowing with instructor Susan K. Staats
Seminar Spatiotemporal Modeling and Simulation (GEGO 8294) with instructor Dr. Somayeh Dodge 

University of Mississippi
Organisation of Programming Languages (CSCI 450) with instructor Cynthia B. Zickos

University of Missouri
Behavioral Biology (BIO_SC 4640) with instructors Carl Gerhardt, Reginald Cocroft, and Jeremy Gibson

University of Montana
Numerical Computing Space: The final frontier (MATH 495) with instructor Jesse Johnson

University of Munich
Simulation Modelling module ("Human Geography & Sustainability" master's programme) with instructors Christopher Watts and Claudia Binder

University of Munster
Environmental Modelling with instructor Dr. Tiago Carneiro

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Agroecology with instructor Carlos Gonzalez Esquivel
Computación Adaptiva with instructor Carlos Gershenson
Introducción a Modelos de Autómata Celular con NetLogo with instructors Marcos Valdivia López and Nelly Linares Sánchez

Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Sistemas complejos with instructor Jaime Alberto Guzmán Luna
Modelos y simulación with instructor Luis Gerardo Astaiza Amado

University of Newcastle (Australia)
Information Technology Applications (INFT3940) with instructor William Chivers

University of New Mexico
Biology 2-4/204L Evolution and Ecology with instructor Kenneth Whitney
Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications (CE 548) with instructor Timothy Ross
Learning and Teaching Computer Science for All: A Teacher Professional Development class with instructors Joel Castellanos, David Ackley, Ed Angel, and Irene Lee
Topics in Interdisciplinary Biology and Biological Science (TiBBs) with instructor Kenneth Letendre

University of New South Wales
Modelling in Mathematical Biology with instructor Graeme Pettet

University of North Alabama
GE 684 Spatial Modeling and Analysis with instructor Sunny Sim

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Agent-Based Modeling with instructor Mirsad Hadzikadic
Agent-Based Modeling of Social-Ecological Systems (ANTH 490) with instructor Colin Thor West
New Institutional Politics (Policy 716) with instructor John Scott
Galapagos (GEO269) with instructor Steve Walsh

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Complex Adaptive Systems (ITIS 6500) with instructor Mirsad Hadzikadic

University of Northern Iowa
Modern Tools for Exploring Data (CS 1025) with instuctor Mark Jacobson
Programming Environments for Elementary Education (CS 1150) with instuctor Philip East

University of Notre Dame
Mathematical and Computational Modeling in Biology and Physics (MATH 40730) with instructor Mark Alber

University of Oldenburg (Universität Oldenburg)
Introduction to the Methods of Empirical Social Research with instructor Markus Tepe

University of Oregon
Graduate Seminar in Landscape Dynamics (GEOGRAPHY 607) with instructor Daniel Gavin

University of Oslo
PhD Course in Agent-based Modeling with instructor Robert Axtell

University of Otago
Neurobiology (ZOOL314) with instructor Mike Paulin
Sports Technology Course (PHSE 329) with instructor Chris Button

University of Oxford
Animal Behavior (014P534BIV) with instructor Claire Kelly
Managing Complexity: Markets, Networks, and Innovations with instructor Felix Reed-Tsochas
Digital Social Research: Statistics Core with instructor Jonathan Bright

University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education
Animal Behavior with instructor Thomas Hesselberg

University of Pennsylvania
COMM 459: Social Networks and the Spread of Behavior with instructor Damon Centola, Ph.D.
CPLN 675: Land Use and Environmetal Modeling with instructor John Landis.
Network Dynamics of Social Behavior (Coursera) with instructor Damon Centola

Universitè Grenoble Alpes (France)
Complex Systems with instructor Julie Dugdale

Universitè Pierre Mendes (France)
Complex Systems with instructor Julie Dugdale
Computational Cognitive Modeling with instructors Julie Dugdale and Benoît Lemaire

University of Pittsburgh's Graduate School of Public Health
BCHS 2990: Social Dynamics in Public Health with instructor Supriya Kumar, PhD, MPH

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain)
Modelització i Simulació de Sistemes Biològics (MSSB 390338) with instructor Clara Prats Soler

Universitatea Politehnica din Timisoara (Romania)
Nanomaterials modeling with instructor Medeleanu Mihai

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
Sistemas Inteligentes with instructor Vicent J. Botti

University of Potsdam (Germany)
Introduction to Ecological Modelling (in NetLogo) with instructor Dr. Dirk Lohmann

University of Philippines
Environmental Modelling (EnE 305) with instructor Dr. Vena Pearl Bongolan

University of Pittsburgh
Cellular & Systems Modeling (MSCBIO/CMPBIO 2040) (joint course with Carnegie Mellon University) with instructors James Faeder and Christopher Langmead
Fate and Transport in Environmental Engineering (CEE 1522) with instructor Carla Ng
Problem Solving in Public Health (PUBHLT 2016 Capstone) with instructor Candace Kammerer

University of Portland
Math Modeling in Biology (MTH 391) with instructor Hannah L. Callender

Universidade do Porto
Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation of Organizations with instructor Pedro Campos

Sapienza - Università di Roma
Web e Interface Design e Comunicazione Multimediale with instructor Valerio Eletti

Universidade de São Paulo
Modelagem com Multiagentes de Sistemas Complexos (ACH0051 ED) with instructor Camilo Rodrigues Neto
Organization and Flow of Genetic Information in Complex Systems (at Institute of Biomedical Sciences with instructor Joaquim A. Machado
Simulação de Sistemas Complexos I (SCX5002) with instructor Camilo Rodrigues Neto

Universidad de Sevilla
Intelligent Systems with instructor Joaquin Borrego Díaz
NetLogo: Una herramienta para el desarrollo de modelos (online course) with instructors Fernando Sancho Caparrini and Juan Carlos García Vázquez

Universidad de Tecnologica de Pereria
Artificial Intelligence (IS784) with instructor Jacqueline Fernandez Pelaez

Universidad El Bosque, Bogota
Applied Mathematics with instructor Pedro Guilermo Feijoo Garcia

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (FURG)
Introduction to NetLogo courses with professor Diana Adamatti

University of California, Riverside
Introductory Ecology and Evolution Laboratory (Biology 5C) with instructor Joseph Morse

University of Electric Science and Technology of China
Introduction to Service Science with instructor Tang Yong

Universidade de Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC)
Advanced Artificial Intelligence with instuctor Dr. Rejane Frozza

University of South Alabama
System Thinking (SE 610/611) with instructor Kari Lippert
Systems Fundamentals (SE 601) with instructor Kari Lippert

University of South California
Spatial Analysis (SSCI 583) with instructor Elisabeth Sedano

University of South Carolina
Multiagent Systems (CSCE 782) with instructor José M. Vidal

University of South Florida
Social Complexity (SYA 4930) with instructor John Skvoretz

University of Southern Denmark
Agents, Actions and Norms; Logic and Social Analysis; and Artificial Agents and Multi-Agent Systems with instructor Rocio Chongtay

University of Strasbourg
Evolutionary Modeling with instructor Murat Yildizoglu
Training course on NetLogo, for Masters in Economics of Innovation students, with instructor Murat Yildizoglu

University of Stirling
Essential Skills for the Information Age (CSC9B1) with instructors Carron Shankland and Savi Maharaj
Modelling for Complex Systems (CSC9YM) with instructors Savi Maharaj and Andrea Bracciali

University of Sydney
Complexity: Agent Based Modelling (OLEO2313-OLET2314) with instructor Mikhail Prokopenko
The Business School and specifically Intensive Course on Agent-Based Modelling and Simulation for Business and Marketing with instructor David Earnest

University of Tennessee at Knoxville
Biologically-Inspired Computation (COSC 420/527) with instructor Bruce MacLennan
EEB 461- Special Topics in Organismal Biology with instructor Heather Bird Jackson

University of Texas at Austin
Climate: Past, Present, Future (GEO 302C) with instructor Dr. Tim Shanahan
Research Methods (PHY 341, BIO 337, AND CH 368) with instructors Denise Ekberg, Michael Marder, and Pawan Kumar
Systemic Reform In Math and Science Education (EDC 390) with instructor Walter Stroup
Topics in Conservation Biology (BIO 386) with instructor Sahotra Sarka

University of Texas at Dallas
Multiagent Simulation In Social And Policy Analysis (PPOEC 7381) with instructor Murray Leaf

University of Texas at El Paso
Geocomputation (GEOL 5324) with instructor Deana Pennington

University of Texas at San Antonio
Intro to Programming (CS 1063) with instructor Matthew Berland

University of Texas at Tyler
Computer Science and Software Engineering professional development training with Project Lead the Way (PLTW)

University of Tokyo
Introduction to Systems Thinking and Approaches with instructor Masaru Yarime
Systems, Dynamics, and Sustainability with instructor Masaru Yarime

University of Toliara, Madagascar
Service-Learning: Project Management Seminar with instructor Dustin Eirdosh

University of Trás-os-Montes (Portugal)
Environmental Engineering with instructor Mário Santos

University of Turin (Italy)
Informatica e simulazione per l'economia with instructor Pietro Terna

University of Utah
Psychology 2015 “Skepticism and Scientific Thinking: Defense Against the Pseudosciences with instructor Robert G Kent de Grey

University of Vermont
EC230: The Economy as a Complex System with instructor Bill Gibson
Complexity, Climate Change and Human Systems (HCOL 185E) with instructor Brian Beckage
Math 195: Intro to Complex Systems with instructor Catherine Bliss

University of the Virgin Islands
Science 200 with instructor Michele Peterson

University of Virginia
BME 4550 (Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering): Systems Bioengineering Modelling and Experimentation with instructors Timothy Allen, Jeffrey Saucerman, Jason Papin, and Shayn Peirce

University of Warwick
Nonlinearity, Chaos, Complexity with instructor Sandra Chapman

University of Waterloo
Cooperative and Adaptive Algorithms (ECE 457A) with instructor Otman Adam Al-Basir

University of Washington
Health of Networks (COM 597B) with instructor Kenneth Rufo
Discovery Seminar with instructor Payman Arabshahi
Summer course (EE 579PMP: Introduction to Social and Economic Networks) with instructor Vikram Jandhyala

University of Washington, Bothell
Educational Software (CSS 290) with instructor Baba Kofi Weusijana

University of West England, Bristol
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (UFCFD3-30-1) with instructor Jim Smith
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Robotics (UFCFE3-13-1) with instructor Jim Smith

University of Western Ontario
Animal Ecology (Bio 3435B) with instructor Yolanda Morbey

University of Windsor (Canada)
Artificial Intelligence Concepts (60-371) with instructor Ziad Kobti
Animal Communication (Bio 426) with instructor Dennis Higgs
Behavioral Neurobiology with instructor Dr. Dennis Higgs

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Animal Population Dynamics (F&W ECOL 655) with instructor Timothy Van Deelen
Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases (Pop Health 801), part of a School of Medicine and Public Health guest lecture series
The Land Ethic Reclaimed: Perceptive Hunting, Aldo Leopold, and Conservation (Coursera) with instructors Janet Silbernagel, Paul Robbins, and Tim Van Deelen
Population Problems (Sociology 170) with instructor Jenna Nobles
CEE 416 Water Resources Systems Analysis with instructor Paul Block

University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg
Mathematical Modelling 3 (APPM3017) with instructor Dario Fanucchi

University of York
Non-Standard Computation (NSTC) with instructor Susan Stepney

Unmanned Vehicle University
with instructor John A. Sauter

Utah State University
Introduction to Human-Environmental Modeling (ENVS 4950-002 and ENVS 6900-001) with instructor Jacopo Baggio

Utrecht University
Models of Technological Change (GEO3-2264) with instructor Floortje Alkemade
Master's Program in Artificial Intelligence

Valleyview High School
8th grade science with instructor Carole Andreazza

Valparaiso University
CS 330 Simulation and Modeling with instructors James Caristi

Vassar College
Advanced Research Methods: Social Network Analysis (PSYC 386)

Villa Maria High School (Canada)
Senior-Level Science and Technology with instructor Andre Cholmsky

Villanova University
Philosophy 8710-001: Collective Intentionality with instructor Georg Theiner
Philosophy 8710-004: Group Agency with instructor Georg Theiner
Philosophy 4610: Philosophy of Mind with instructor Georg Theiner

Virginia Commonwealth University
Introduction to Mathematical Biology (MATH 380) with instructor Laura Fix

Virginia Tech
Biogeography (4044) with instructor Lynn Resler
CHE_5984 SS: Agent Based Modeling in Engingeering

Wageningen University
Agent-Based Modelling of Complex Adaptive Systems (INF-50806) with instructors Gert Jan Hofstede, Sjoukje A. Osinga, and Mark R. Kramer
Circular Economy (BMO-26806) with instructor Gert Jan Hofstede
Agent-Based Modelling of Complex Adaptive Systems (INF-50806) with instructor Gert Jan Hofstede
Modelling & Simulation of Complex Socio-Technical Systems (INF-51806) with instructor Gert Jan Hofstede
Spatial Modeling and Statistics (GRS 30306) with instructors Sytze de Bruin, Gerard Heuvelink, and Arend Ligtenberg
Systems Approach in Animal Sciences (APS 20806) with instructors E. de Olde, C. E. van Middelaar, E. A. M. Bokkers, I. Boumans, & R. Ripoll Bosch

Wake Forest School of Medicine
Informal training for graduate students with instructor Paul Laurienti

Wake Forest University MBA
MGT 5155A: Topics in Business Analytics with instructor Jonathan P. Pinder

Wando High School
Computer Science and Software Engineering with instructor Todd Schuff

Waseda University
Dynamics on biological systems with instructor Atsuko Takamatsu
Introduction to Computer Systems with instructors Hidenori Nakazato

Washington State University Vancouver
Modeling the Environment (ES 330) with instructor Robert Mackay

Washington University in St. Louis
Agent Based Modeling with instructor Ross Hammond
Introduction to Complexity Science with instructors Thomas Mitchell and J. J. Burke

Washington and Lee University
Dynamics of Biological Systems (BIOL 282) with instructor Natalia Toporikova

Western Carolina University
Introduction to Scientific Computing (CS 340) with instructor Erin McNelis

Western Michigan University
ENVS 2150 - Environmental Systems and Cycles with instructors Carla Koretsky and Johnson Haas
MATH 5540 - Alegebra for the Elementary/Middle School Teachers

Western Sierra Collegiate Academy
7th Grade Science with instructors Keri Lee Smith and Lynette Chappell

Western Washington University
Intermediate Web Development Management (MIS 324) with instructor J. Christopher Sandvig

Westfield State University
Research Methods in Biology (BIOL 300) with instructor Buzz Hoagland
Human Biology Online (BIOL 104) with instructor Buzz Hoagland

Weston High School
Applied Discrete Mathematics Concepts with instructor James McLaughlin

West Morris Central High School
Computer Science (IB) with instructor Art Herzog

Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Advanced Decision Systems: Agents, Games, and Evolution/Evolutionary Computation (OIDD319) with instructor Steve Kimbrough

Wilde Lake High School
Biology 1 with instructor Susheela Varma
AP Biology with instructor Susheela Varma

Williams College
Introduction to Cognitive Science (COGS 222) with instructor Joseph Cruz

Williamsville High School
Biology 1 & 2 and Life Science with instructor Patty Lorton

Windemere Ranch Middle School
6th Grade Science with instructor Cynthia Sevin

Winthrop University
Introductory to Discrete Mathematics (MATH 150H) with instructor Kristen Abernathy
Advanced Mathematical Problem Solving (MATH 303) with instructor Zachary Abernathy

Wisconsin Virtual School
Computer Science Principles with instructor Barry Ludvic

W.J. Keenan High School
PLTW Computer Science and Engineering with instructor Kirstin Bullington

Wofford College
COSC/MATH 201: Modeling and Simulation for the Sciences with instructor Angela B. Shiflet

Woodbridge Senior High School
PLTW Software Engineering with instructor Carlos Castro

Worchester Polytechnic Institute
Simulation in Biology (BCB 3010/BB 3010) with instructor Elizabeth F. Ryder

Xavier University of Louisiana
Fundamentals of Biology (Biology 1210) with instructors Mack Crayton, Shubha Ireland, Harris McFerrin, Kristal Huggins, Anup Kundu, Syed Muniruzzaman, Harish Ratnayaka, and Cecily Bennett

Yorkville High School
Biology Honors 1B (304AS-3) with instructor Julie Renda

Zhejiang University, China
Evolutionary game theory and experiment (011Z0020) with instructor Zhijian Wang