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Uri Wilensky is the Lorraine H. Morton professor of Learning Sciences, Computer Science and Complex Systems at Northwestern University. He is the co-director of the joint PHD program in Computer Science and Learning Sciences (CSLS) . He is the founder and current director of the Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling(CCL) and a co-founder of the Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems(NICO). He is also a faculty member in Cognitive Science, Philosophy, the program in Technology and Social Behavior, the Buffett center, the CIERA center and the Segal Design Center research council. He is the author of the NetLogo agent-based modeling software which his lab actively maintains and improves. It is the most widely used agent-based modeling software, and has hundreds of thousands of users worldwide using it for both research and education. Wilensky has published more than 300 scientific articles and more than 400 published agent-based models. Wilensky has received numerous awards including the 2016 ISDDE prize for excellence in design for his work on NetLogo





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Wilensky, U., & Rand, W. (2015). An introduction to agent-based modeling: Modeling natural, social and engineered complex systems with NetLogo. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

Current Main Endeavors

Research Overview
CCL Papers & Publications

Current Active Projects:

NetLogo modeling tool.
NIH NIDA. Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology for Drug Abuse and HIV
NSF-Funded Research Projects:
NSF STEM+C.A Whole-School Model for Integrating Computational Thinking in High School Science and Mathematics.
NSF ITEST. Group-Based Cloud Computing for STEM Education.
NSF EAGER: MAKER: A Cultural Framework for Equity in Maker Practices
NSF STEM+C. CT-ifying the high school science curriculum to broaden participation in computational science
NSF STEM+C. Engaging students in building theories of scientific phenomena: A comparison of aggregate pattern-based and agent-based approaches


Previously Funded Research:

Lyle-Spencer Foundation Award. Broadening Participation in a Computational Future: Casting a Wide Net.
NSF CyberLearning: LevelSpace: Modeling in Levels
NSF EAGER: A low-cost integrated agent-based modeling and physical
NSF-CNS-#1138461: CT-STEM: Casting a Wide Net: Embedded Computational Thinking
NSF-DRL-#1109834: BEAGLE: Simulated Evolution
Participatory Simulations: Network-Based Design for Systems Learning in Classrooms
NSF-CISE: Computational Thinking in STEM
NSF CyberLearning: InquirySpace: Technologies in Support of Student Experimentation
NSF-DRL: Emerging Research-Empirical--Simulated Evolution: Developing a Framework for Computer-Based Modeling and Simulation Activities in the Classroom
NSF-CE21: Casting a Wide Net: Computational Thinking
ABMPLUS: Enabling Modeling and Simulation-Based Science in the Classroom
NSF-DRK12: Enabling Modeling and Simulation-based Seience in the classroom: Integrating agent-based models, real world sensing and collaborative networks
NSF-REC-#0003285: Connected Mathematics: Making Sense of Complex Phenomena through Building Object-Based Parallel Models
NSF-DRL-#1020101: ABMPLUS: Enabling Modeling and Simulation-Based Science in the Classroom
NSF-DRL-#1020101: InquirySpace: Integrating Agent-Based Models with Statistical Analyses
NSF-DRL-#1109834: Learning Evolution through Model-Based Inquiry
BEAGLE: Simulated Evolution
CT-STEM: Casting a Wide Net: Embedded Computational Thinking
InquirySpace: Integrating Agent-Based Models with Statistical Analyses
Integrated Simulation and Modeling Environment
Learning Evolution through Model-Based Inquiry
Modeling Across the Curriculum
NAE/Spencer Project -- Developing Reasoning About Parallel Processes
StarLogoT modeling tool


NSF Curricular Projects
ProbLab: Simulation-based curriculum on Probability & Statistics
The GasLab Project: Simulation-based curriculum on kinetic theory of gases
ConnectedChemistry: Simulation-based curriculum on introductory Chemistry
The EACH Project: Understanding the evolution of cooperation
Mind the Gap: An agent-based participatory simulation (ABPS) curricular unit on wealth inequality
GenEvo: A computational systems biology curriculum for high school students to engage with cutting-edge ideas in modern biology

Courses Currently Being Taught

Constructionist Learning
The design of Technological tools for thinking and learning: A Constructionist Approach
Designing and Constructing Models with Multi-Agent Languages
Images from class poster session

Past Courses

Complexity Science
Turtle Geometry
Practicum in Learning Environment Design
Advanced Technology Design
Technological Tools for Thinking and Learning
Mathematics Learning Environments
Mathematics & Science Learning Environments
Mathematics Practices
Intellectual Development
Learning through Computer-Based Projects
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs

Colleagues & Students

Seymour Papert Tribute Panel

Personal Stuff

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Contact Info

Email: uri@northwestern.edu
Phone: 847-467-3818
Fax: 847-491-8999
Offices: Annenberg Hall 337
CCL Lab Phone: 847-467-7593
Mailing Address/Map:

Uri Wilensky
2120 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL, 60208