turtles-own allows us to define custom turtle characteristics (variables) for all the turtles in a model (in addition to the default turtle characteristics such as color, size, and heading). Although the name of the characteristic will be the same for all the turtles, each turtle will have a different value for these custom characteristics. Once we create such custom characteristics, we can use the set primitive to change its value. For example, if we wanted to create a model of electric vehicles in which each car had a different level of remaining battery, we would write the following code:

turtles-own [remaining-battery passengers]
to setup
    create-turtles 100 [
        set shape "car"
        set remaining-battery random 100
        set passengers one-of [1 2 3]
to go
    ask turtles [
        if remaining-battery > 0 [
            forward 1
            set remaining-battery remaining-battery - 1

Things to keep in mind when using turtles-own:

In the model example below, we have three cars on three parallel roads. Each car has a different amount of gas in its tank, shown with a label next to each car. When the go button is clicked, each car starts moving forward until they run out of gas.


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