package editor

Provides classes associated with the NetLogo Editor

Shouldn't depend on any other netlogo packages besides org.nlogo.core

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Type Members

  1. trait AbstractEditorArea extends JTextComponent
  2. class AdvancedEditorArea extends RSyntaxTextArea with AbstractEditorArea
  3. trait Colorizer extends AnyRef
  4. abstract class DocumentAction extends TextAction
  5. class DumbIndenter extends Indenter
  6. class EditorArea extends JEditorPane with AbstractEditorArea with FocusTraversable with FocusListener
  7. trait EditorAwareAction extends InstallableAction with MouseListener
  8. case class EditorConfiguration(rows: Int, columns: Int, font: Font, listener: TextListener, colorizer: Colorizer, additionalActions: Map[KeyStroke, TextAction], contextActions: Seq[Action], menuActions: Seq[Action], enableFocusTraversal: Boolean, highlightCurrentLine: Boolean, showLineNumbers: Boolean, is3Dlanguage: Boolean, menu: EditorMenu) extends Product with Serializable
  9. class EditorField extends EditorArea
  10. class EditorListener extends PropertyChangeListener with DocumentListener
  11. trait EditorMenu extends AnyRef
  12. trait EditorScrollPane extends JScrollPane
  13. trait FocusTraversable extends JTextComponent
  14. class FocusTraversalListener extends FocusListener with MouseListener
  15. class HighlightEditorKit extends DefaultEditorKit with ViewFactory
  16. class HighlightView extends PlainView
  17. trait Indenter extends AnyRef
  18. trait InstallableAction extends Action
  19. class LineNumberScrollPane extends JScrollPane with EditorScrollPane
  20. class LineNumbersBar extends JTextPane with DocumentListener
  21. class LinePainter extends HighlightPainter with CaretListener
  22. class MouseQuickHelpAction extends AbstractAction with EditorAwareAction with QuickHelpAction
  23. trait QuickHelpAction extends AnyRef
  24. class SuspendCaretPopupListener extends PopupMenuListener

    This class solves a very particular and peculiar problem.

    This class solves a very particular and peculiar problem. When a JTextComponent launches a popup menu, the caret continues to process mouse events as normal. This is obviously undesirable for a number of reasons, and is especially problematic on a mac, where there is only one mouse button. This class ensures that the caret (and thus the selection) are frozen at the moment the popup menu is activated and are restored when it closes.

  25. class ToggleFoldsAction extends AbstractAction
  26. class TransferFocusAction extends AbstractAction
  27. class TransferFocusBackwardAction extends AbstractAction
  28. class UndoManager extends javax.swing.undo.UndoManager with ActionListener with FocusListener with PropertyChangeListener

Value Members

  1. object Actions
  2. object DocumentProperties extends PropertyChangeListener
  3. object EditorArea extends Serializable
  4. object EditorConfiguration extends Serializable
  5. object KeyBinding
  6. object RichDocument

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