package agent

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Type Members

  1. abstract class AbstractExporter extends AnyRef
  2. abstract class Agent extends AgentJ with api.Agent with Comparable[Agent]
  3. trait Agent3D extends AnyRef
  4. trait AgentColors extends Agent
  5. trait AgentIterator extends AnyRef

    This exists purely as a performance hack.

    This exists purely as a performance hack. Normal code can just call AgentSet.agents which returns an Iterable[Agent]. But in performance-critical code, using AgentIterator has a performance advantage because type erasure means that if we use Iterator[Agent] there are typecasts going on under the hood, and I found that this actually impacts performance on benchmarks (to the tune of 5% or so on Life Benchmark, for example). Sigh... - ST 2/9/09

  6. trait AgentManagement extends TurtleManagement with LinkManagement with ObserverManagement with WorldKernel
  7. abstract class AgentSet extends api.AgentSet
  8. class AgentSetBuilder extends AnyRef
  9. class ArrayAgentSet extends IndexedAgentSet
  10. class BooleanConstraint extends ValueConstraint

    Constraint suitable for Switch variables.

  11. class Box extends Topology with XBlocks with YBlocks
  12. class BreedShapes extends AnyRef
  13. class ChooserConstraint extends ValueConstraint
  14. trait CompilationManagement extends CoreWorld
  15. case class ConstantSliderConstraint(min: Double, max: Double, inc: Double) extends SliderConstraint with Product with Serializable
  16. trait Constraints extends Agent
  17. trait CoreWorld extends WorldWithWorldRenderable with WorldKernel with WatcherManagement
  18. trait DimensionManagement extends AnyRef
  19. sealed trait Directedness extends AnyRef
  20. class Drawing3D extends api.Drawing3D
  21. case class DrawingLine3D(x0: Double, y0: Double, z0: Double, x1: Double, y1: Double, z1: Double, heading: Double, pitch: Double, width: Double, color: AnyRef) extends api.DrawingLine3D with Product with Serializable
  22. class DummyLink extends Link
  23. class DynamicSliderConstraint extends SliderConstraint

    Constraint suitable for Slider variables.

    Constraint suitable for Slider variables. The various limits on the Slider value can be specified using a NetLogo reporter.

  24. final class Gamma extends AnyRef

    Gamma distribution; <A HREF=""> math definition</A>, <A HREF=""> definition of gamma function</A> and <A HREF=" Distribution"> animated definition</A>.

    Gamma distribution; <A HREF=""> math definition</A>, <A HREF=""> definition of gamma function</A> and <A HREF=" Distribution"> animated definition</A>.

    p(x) = k * x^(alpha-1) * e^(-x/beta) with k = 1/(g(alpha) * b^a)) and g(a) being the gamma function.

    Valid parameter ranges: alpha > 0.

    Note: For a Gamma distribution to have the mean mean and variance variance, set the parameters as follows:

    alpha = mean*mean / variance; lambda = 1 / (variance / mean);

    Implementation: <dt> Method: Acceptance Rejection combined with Acceptance Complement. <dt> High performance implementation. This is a port of <A HREF="">RandGamma</A> used in <A HREF="">CLHEP 1.4.0</A> (C++). CLHEP's implementation, in turn, is based on gds.c from the <A HREF="">C-RAND / WIN-RAND</A> library. C-RAND's implementation, in turn, is based upon

    J.H. Ahrens, U. Dieter (1974): Computer methods for sampling from gamma, beta, Poisson and binomial distributions, Computing 12, 223-246.


    J.H. Ahrens, U. Dieter (1982): Generating gamma variates by a modified rejection technique, Communications of the ACM 25, 47-54.


    1.0, 09/24/99

  25. trait GrossWorldState extends WorldKernel
  26. class HeadingSmoother extends AnyRef
  27. class HorizCylinder extends Topology with XBlocks with YWraps
  28. class ImportPatchColors extends AnyRef
  29. class Importer extends ImporterJ
  30. class Importer3D extends Importer
  31. abstract class ImporterJ extends ImportErrorHandler
  32. class InRadiusOrCone extends agent.World.InRadiusOrCone
  33. class InRadiusOrCone3D extends agent.World.InRadiusOrCone
  34. abstract class IndexedAgentSet extends AgentSet
  35. class InputBoxConstraint extends ValueConstraint
  36. final class Layouts extends AnyRef
  37. class Link extends Agent with api.Link with AgentColors
  38. class Link3D extends Link with api.Link3D
  39. abstract class LinkFactory[A <: World] extends AnyRef
  40. trait LinkManagement extends WorldKernel
  41. trait LinkManager extends AnyRef
  42. class LinkManagerImpl[W <: World] extends LinkManager
  43. case class LinkStamp3D(shape: String, x1: Double, y1: Double, z1: Double, x2: Double, y2: Double, z2: Double, color: AnyRef, lineThickness: Double, isDirectedLink: Boolean, linkDestinationSize: Double, heading: Double, pitch: Double) extends api.LinkStamp3D with Product with Serializable
  44. class LiteralAgentParser extends (Iterator[Token]) ⇒ AnyRef
  45. trait Neighbors extends AnyRef
  46. class NumericConstraint extends ValueConstraint

    Constraint suitable for Slider variables.

  47. class Observer extends Agent with api.Observer with OrientatableObserver with Constraints
  48. final class Observer3D extends Observer with Agent3D
  49. trait ObserverManagement extends WorldKernel
  50. trait OrientatableObserver extends AnyRef
  51. case class OutputObject(caption: String, message: String, addNewline: Boolean, isTemporary: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable
  52. class Patch extends Agent with api.Patch with AgentColors
  53. final class Patch3D extends Patch with Agent3D with api.Patch3D
  54. class PatchException extends Exception
  55. class Protractor extends api.Protractor
  56. class Protractor3D extends Protractor with api.Protractor3D
  57. class RootsTable extends AnyRef
  58. abstract class SliderConstraint extends ValueConstraint
  59. class TickCounter extends AnyRef
  60. class TieManager extends AnyRef
  61. class TieManager3D extends TieManager
  62. abstract class Topology extends Neighbors
  63. trait Topology3D extends AnyRef
  64. class Torus extends Topology with XWraps with YWraps
  65. class Torus3D extends Torus with Topology3D
  66. case class Trail(x1: Double, y1: Double, x2: Double, y2: Double, dist: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  67. class TreeAgentSet extends AgentSet
  68. abstract class Turtle extends Agent with api.Turtle with AgentColors
  69. class Turtle2D extends Turtle
  70. final class Turtle3D extends Turtle with Agent3D with api.Turtle3D
  71. trait TurtleManagement extends WorldKernel
  72. case class TurtleStamp3D(shape: String, xcor: Double, ycor: Double, zcor: Double, size: Double, heading: Double, pitch: Double, roll: Double, color: AnyRef, lineThickness: Double) extends api.TurtleStamp3D with Product with Serializable
  73. class VertCylinder extends Topology with XWraps with YBlocks
  74. trait WatcherManagement extends AnyRef
  75. abstract class World extends WorldJ with DimensionManagement with CoreWorld with GrossWorldState with AgentManagement with WatcherManagement
  76. class World2D extends World with CompilationManagement
  77. class World3D extends World with api.World3D with CompilationManagement
  78. trait WorldKernel extends AnyRef
  79. trait XBlocks extends Topology
  80. trait XWraps extends Topology
  81. trait YBlocks extends Topology
  82. trait YWraps extends Topology

Value Members

  1. object AbstractExporter
  2. object Agent
  3. object AgentBit
  4. object AgentParserCreator
  5. object AgentSet
  6. object AllStoredValues
  7. object Directedness
  8. object DummyLink
  9. object InRadiusSimple
  10. object LinkManager
  11. object Realloc
  12. object Rotations3D
  13. object SliderConstraint
  14. object Topology
  15. object TrigTables

    Cache of sines and cosines of integers 0-359.

    Cache of sines and cosines of integers 0-359. Speed up various operations on angles that are integers. Trigonometry is expensive!

  16. object World