package headless

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Type Members

  1. case class ErrorReport(owner: JobOwner, context: Context, instruction: Instruction, ex: Exception) extends Product with Serializable
  2. class HeadlessModelOpener extends AnyRef
  3. class HeadlessWorkspace extends AbstractWorkspaceScala with Controllable with WorldLoaderInterface with ViewSettings

    The primary class for headless (no GUI) operation of NetLogo.

    The primary class for headless (no GUI) operation of NetLogo.

    You may create more than one HeadlessWorkspace object. Multiple instances can operate separately and independently. (Behind the scenes, this is supported by creating a separate thread for each instance.)

    When you are done using a HeadlessWorkspace, you should call its dispose() method. This will shut down the thread associated with the workspace and allow resources to be freed.

    See the "Controlling" section of the NetLogo User Manual for example code.

    Don't try to use the constructor yourself; use HeadlessWorkspace.newInstance instead.

  4. class ModelLoaderComponent extends AbstractAdapter[ModelLoader]
  5. class WorkspaceFactory extends workspace.WorkspaceFactory

Value Members

  1. object BehaviorSpaceCoordinator
  2. object ChecksumsAndPreviews
  3. object ChecksumsAndPreviewsSettings
  4. object HeadlessBenchmarker
  5. object HeadlessFileController extends Controller
  6. object HeadlessWorkspace

    Companion object, and factory object, for the HeadlessWorkspace class.

  7. object Main
  8. object Shell